Restore Our Future: “Doing Fine?”

The pro-Mitt Romney super PAC Restore Our Future released an ad exploiting President Obama’s comment that “the private sector is doing fine.” While Restore Our Future might have voters believe that the president’s statement is evidence of a callous or out-of-touch approach to economic recovery, the full context reveals that Obama was speaking specifically about how public-sector job losses are impeding economic recovery – something that’s backed up by facts. As the private sector has gained 4.3 million jobs over 28 straight months of growth, state and local government have been forced to lay off employees, with the GOP crowing about shrinking government all the while. That’s a reality that disproportionately impacts women and African Americans – something that Restore Our Future’s ad neglects to mention when it’s wielding accusations about women’s unemployment “under Obama.”

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Heritage’s Feulner: Dems Want To Eliminate Independent Churches, Boy Scouts, And Little League

In a June 18 interview with’s Terry Jeffrey, Heritage Foundation president Ed Feulner said:

Well, and one of the things right now, without getting involved in partisan politics, but one of the things that really concerns me is so many people here in Washington, whether it’s Pelosi and Harry Reid and the Congress, or, frankly, whether it’s this president, what they want to do is take all the intermediate institutions between the federal government on one side and the individual on the other side, just eliminate them. They think that — well, this cartoon feature that Obama’s put out on Julia, where Julia starts out with prenatal care in the womb and goes through Head Start and government-subsidized schools and government-subsidized college tuition all the way through her life, always depending on the government. They don’t want — they don’t want independent churches, they don’t want the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts, or the local little league to be out there. They want everything to be controlled by the government. And that’s not, that’s not what the American spirit’s really all about, Terry.

Americans For Prosperity: “Wisconsin Moving Forward”

American For Prosperity targets Wisconsin senatorial candidate Tammy Baldwin by linking her to former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, citing a handful of House votes in the past several years as evidence of Baldwin’s support for “wasteful spending.” In each case, however, AFP misses the mark. Efforts taken to rescue the economy helped stave off an even worse, deficit-deepening collapse, while other policies such as the Affordable Care Act actually reduce future deficits.

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Americans For Prosperity: “Tell Tester: Start Supporting Montana”

Americans for Prosperity seeks to link Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) to President Obama, calling Tester “one of Barack Obama’s favorite senators” and using a meaningless statistic to suggest that Tester casts his votes to please the president rather than to serve the people of Montana. The ad’s dishonest tactics cast doubt on its implications, however; the Affordable Care Act didn’t institute “government-run health care,” and although the debt ceiling had to be raised to allow Congress to pay its bills, Tester voted against the bank bailout.

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60 Plus Association: “Tell Bill Nelson To Stop The Wasteful Spending”

A 60 Plus Association ad blames Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) and President Obama for a host of economic woes faced by the Sunshine State, but Florida’s unemployment rate and struggling housing market are all symptoms of the global recession that tanked the national economy. Thanks in part to the Recovery Act, which 60 Plus says “failed,” the jobs picture is improving both in Florida and across the nation. Meanwhile, Republican Gov. Rick Scott – not Nelson – held up a program that would have helped Florida homeowners avoid foreclosure.

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Crossroads GPS: “Cheap”

Crossroads GPS attacks Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-ND) over his support for the Affordable Care Act. Using the GOP’s long-debunked assertion that the health care law adds $700 billion to the debt, the ad ignores the fact that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has repeatedly found that the law will reduce the deficit. The ad also repeats the worn-out claim that Obamacare cuts $500 billion from Medicare, and omits important details when it warns about a “new tax on Ohio manufacturers.”

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Crossroads GPS: “Change”

Crossroads GPS targets Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) with worn-out attacks based on her support for the Affordable Care Act. Despite the ad’s insinuations, Obamacare doesn’t cut Medicare benefits; the Independent Payment Advisory Board established by the Affordable Care Act to control Medicare costs can’t ration care; and the health care law actually helps control rising health care costs.

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Crossroads GPS: “Spending”

A Crossroads GPS ad linking Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) to President Obama’s policies, particularly the Recovery Act, tries to paint a picture of wasteful spending that drove up the national debt without creating jobs. But the ad misrepresents projects funded by the stimulus, and in reality, Recovery Act spending is responsible for millions of jobs and for helping to stave off an even deeper recession. Meanwhile, it was Bush-era policies and the Great Recession that drove up debt, while spending growth under President Obama has been historically low.

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American Future Fund: “Come Clean”

American Future Fund calls on North Dakota Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp to “come clean” about the Affordable Care Act, repeating misleading talking points about “government bureaucrats” and other alleged consequences of the law. Contrary to what the ad suggests, the Affordable Care Act slows the rise in health care costs and reduces future Medicare spending without ‘cutting’ seniors’ benefits. In fact, most of the Medicare savings in the health care law were preserved in the Republican budget plan supported by Heitkamp’s opponent.

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Crossroads GPS: “How”

A Crossroads GPS ad dishonestly blames Sen. Jon Tester’s (D-MT) votes in favor of the Affordable Care Act, the Recovery Act, and several bills to raise the debt limit for the ballooning national debt. In reality, Bush-era policies and the recession caused deficits to skyrocket, while the health care law actually reduces the deficit and the stimulus insulated the economy against even more drastic job losses. Meanwhile, raising the debt limit doesn’t cause higher debt – it simply allows the government to pay off obligations already incurred, thus avoiding the severe economic consequences that could come from a default.

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