Rubio Cozies Up To The Kochs’ VA Privatization Advocacy Group

Marco Rubio is releasing his plan to partially privatize veterans healthcare today at a West Des Moines town hall event put on by Concerned Veterans for America, Charles and David Kochs’ “veterans advocacy” front group. The event will be all about shoring up Rubio’s “pro-veteran” credentials, but the truth is the Kochs and CVA — leading advocates of privatizing the VA — don’t have veterans’ best interests at heart. Case in point: Almost two-thirds of veterans oppose VA privatization, but that isn’t stopping the billionaire brothers from passing it off as a pro-veteran plan supported by the individuals they claim to represent.

It’s the Kochs we’re talking about, so that should come as no surprise. As revealed in a Bridge Project and VoteVets.Org report, “The Vets Group That Fights Against Veterans,” CVA promotes extreme, right-wing polices that stand in opposition to nearly every other veterans group. From pushing a plan to privatize the VA health […]

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NEW REPORT: The Koch Brothers’ Granite State Project

NEW REPORT: The Koch Brothers’ Granite State Project

How The Radical Agenda Of Out Of State Oil Billionaires Has Hurt New Hampshire

Charles and David Koch pour hundreds of millions of dollars into our political system to advance their self-enriching agenda and elect their puppet candidates. At the national, state, and local level, the Kochs use their unlimited resources to influence policy to suit their political and personal needs.

For decades, the Kochs and their network of dark money political front groups have been pushing the Koch agenda in New Hampshire — perhaps more than any other state in the country— which has benefitted billionaires like the Kochs at the expense of Granite Staters.

Today, Bridge Project is releasing a new report, The Koch Brothers’ Granite State Project: How The Radical Agenda Of Out Of State Oil Billionaires Has Hurt New Hampshire, which lays out the scope and […]

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For Immediate Release:
November 20, 2015
Contact: Regan Page, 404-661-0429 

In August, Bridge Project conducted six focus groups with swing voters in Iowa, Florida, and Nevada on the billionaire Koch brothers as they gear up to spend nearly $900 million pushing their agenda and backing their puppet candidates in 2016.

The focus groups revealed that to know the Kochs is to dislike them and that voters are turned off by their harmful, self-enriching agenda. It’s clear to voters that when the Kochs spend millions propping up their puppet candidates, the Kochs “expect something in return.”

To read the focus group memo, click here:

“In the eyes of voters, the Kochs’ harmful, self-enriching agenda and the hundreds of millions they spend backing their puppet candidates are strong turnoffs,” said Eddie Vale, Vice President of American Bridge 21st Century. “This research clarifies how Democrats can […]

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MEMO: One Year Out: Kochs Put Their Anti-Middle Class Agenda & Actions On Center Stage

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Eddie Vale, Vice President of American Bridge 21st Century
RE: One Year Out: Kochs Put Their Anti-Middle Class Agenda & Actions On Center Stage
DATE: November 3, 2015

With a year until Election Day, the billionaire Koch brothers are sitting down for their first-ever joint television interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The Kochs’ step into the pubic limelight, albeit pre-taped from their childhood home and not live and on set, serves as a reminder that if Republicans and the Kochs win in 2016, the middle class loses.

While Republican candidates will spend the next year sucking up to the Kochs to try to get a piece of the nearly $900 million they plan to spend on 2016, they’ll also be forced to defend the Kochs’ anti-middle class actions and agenda that hurt real Americans.

While Morning Joe promises a discussion centering on the role of money in politics, the billionaire Koch brothers are poised to disguise how their […]

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GOP DEBATE: Bridge Project Launches

Ahead of tonight’s GOP debate, Bridge Project is launching –– a new website that highlights how the billionaire Koch brothers are pulling the strings of the Republican presidential field. Every candidate on the stage tonight supports policies that will make the Koch brothers more money while hurting the middle class. The Republicans let the Koch brothers pull their strings so they can get invited to their secret donor conferences to beg for money and political support.

Bridge Project is also launching a digital buy to point debate viewers in Colorado and across the country who are engaging online to features a rundown of the top issues on the Koch agenda that the GOP supports. From jobs, taxes and the economy to the environment to education, the Kochs have one goal: improving their bottom line, no matter who it hurts.

On issue after issue, GOP candidates are happy to […]

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Future45: GOP Megadonors Form Another Shady Group To Buy Republicans The White House

The Wall Street Journal reports that GOP megadonors are kick-starting another special interest group to push the GOP’s out-of-touch agenda and attack Democrats.

Future45 “will be bankrolled by some of the biggest donors to Republican candidates and causes, including hedge-fund billionaires Ken Griffin and Paul Singer and the family of TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts, whose wife, Marlene, donated more than $5 million to super PACs backing candidates in the first half of the year.”

Read more about who’s behind yet another special interest group formed to buy the GOP elections at Conservative Transparency: 

Conservative Transparency: Future45

Future45 is a super PAC created by a trio of conservative megadonors focused on electing a Republican to be the 45th – hence the name – President of the United States in 2016. The group is headed by “veteran GOP operative Brian Walsh,” who told the National Journal that the PAC was “focused on the general” and […]

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Karl Rove Just Tossed Rob Portman A Casual $1.12 Million

Senator Rob Portman is facing a tough reelection challenge, so Uncle Karl’s lending him a hand in the form of a $1.12-million ad buy.

Karl Rove’s One Nation just “bought $1.12 million worth of television, radio and digital ads advocating for jobs legislation sponsored” by Portman, according to Politico. The ads will run over the next several weeks in an attempt to give Portman a much-needed lift in the polls.

Not a bad haul for Portman: The $1.12-million assist significantly surpasses the $800K Rove dished out to both Roy Blunt and Joe Heck last week.

Apparently Karl Rove thinks Portman is just that much more vulnerable — Karl Rove can’t afford to lose a senator who so diligently prioritizes an out-of-state big money special-interest agenda over the needs of Ohio working families.

Background from Conservative Transparency:

One Nation is a nonprofit 501(c)4 addition to Karl Rove’s “constellation of Crossroads organizations.” The group “aims to advance well-constructed solutions to our country’s most […]

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