American Bridge Statement on Trump and Republicans’ Failure to Gut the American Healthcare System

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement after Republicans’ healthcare vote failed tonight

“Every Republican in Washington should be ashamed for spending the better part of 2017 pushing a plan to gut healthcare for the middle class in order to cut taxes for the rich. Fortunately for the American people, Republicans are too incompetent to run the government, let alone live up to the promises they failed to deliver on today.  Republicans should learn from their mistakes and now work in good faith with Democrats to fix the existing law, rather than continue pursuing partisan plans to strip millions of their insurance. That unworkable agenda must finally come to an end after years of lies and broken promises.

“This process proves once and for all that Republicans are more than willing to sell out Americans on Trump’s behalf, leaving the public to suffer the consequences. Our country deserves better.

“Every single Republican in Washington — and every Republican running for office in 2018 — should take notice: their party owns this disaster, and we look forward to holding them accountable for their agenda in 2018 and beyond.”