Donald Trump’s inaction on China and trade shows working Americans are on their own

Donald Trump made trade the bedrock of his appeal to the American people, promising that “he alone” could fundamentally remake American trade policy and deliver new economic opportunities for struggling working and middle class families.

However, 205 days into his presidency, Trump still hasn’t produced a jobs plan – the top priority of the American public – and his incompetent, bickering administration’s only “accomplishments” continue to be glorified press releases.

Today, Donald Trump’s announced that he is requesting that the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative determine if there should be an investigation into China’s relentless, systematic theft of American trade secrets – which worsens job loss and the overall economic pain felt by working people as the global economy rapidly changes under their feet.

Both parties have known for years that this hacking done by China is a rampant economic drain on the United States, and requesting a possible investigation into whether this is a problem is embarrassing and will provide no relief at all to workers affected by this ongoing crisis.

Trump’s failure to take decisive action and protect American businesses and workers in this area is the latest alarming sign that his economic rhetoric from the campaign was dishonest and meaningless.

“With Donald Trump in the White House, working Americans are on their own,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “The Chinese have undertaken job-killing attacks on American competitiveness and all Trump could muster-up in response was a vague request that wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. This weak, bureaucratic non-action is the latest proof from Donald Trump that his economic promises were empty lip-service about very real, urgent problems for our country. Press releases don’t protect jobs, Mr. President.”

Leading United States military and cyber security experts have warned that the large-scale stealing of our trade secrets amounts to the ‘greatest transfer of wealth in history.’

In his most high-profile speech on trade during the campaign, Donald Trump himself definitively said that China “stole hundreds of billions of dollars in our intellectual property.” He went on to say,”this is very easy. This is so easy. I love saying this.”