WATCH: Gary Cohn applauded by banking lobby for Trump Administration plan to weaken Wall Street reforms 

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after National Economic Council (NEC) Director Gary Cohn told the American Bankers Association – receiving applause – that the Trump Administration was working to diminish financial sector regulations put into place after the 2008 financial crisis: 

“At the very same time that Trump is pushing a tax plan that would give 80% of its benefits to the wealthiest Americans, his top economic adviser is being applauded by the banking lobby for promising to erode post-financial crisis Wall Street reforms.  The middle class and American workers need an advocate in the White House, but instead Donald Trump is trying to further rig the economy in favor of the richest taxpayers and expose the American people to a catastrophic repeat of the 2008 recession.”


American Bankers Association President and CEO Rob Nichols: Kind of a broader picture just about the overall tone […]

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Trump’s lead economic adviser admits Trump is lying about his tax plan 

“It’s come to the point that even Donald Trump’s top economic adviser won’t defend his lies about taxes,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.​ “Donald Trump is trying to exploit his office and cut his own taxes, a move that would further rig the economy for the richest Americans while leaving the American middle class behind. The American people deserve better, starting with a tax plan that is focused on investing in good-paying jobs and delivering economic relief to hard-working people who need it most by letting them keep more of their hard-earned money.”

Yesterday, Donald Trump promised the American people multiple times that his tax plan put the middle class and working Americans first, as well as that it did not benefit the rich – himself included.

Donald Trump, 9/27/2017: “Our framework includes our explicit commitment that tax reform will protect low-income and middle-income households, not the wealthy and well-connected. They can call me all […]

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