Sanders Questions: Ms. Kushner Edition

Why does President Trump keep lying about a US Senator being hospitalized? American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden calls on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to answer that and other pressing questions:

1. Is Jared Kushner registering to vote as a woman for years seems like an example of what this administration would call voter fraud. Will he be reprimanded?

2. How can President Trump credibly discipline Tom Price for wasting $300,000 in taxpayer dollars on 24 private flights when he has spent 85 days as President on vacation costing taxpayers $20 million?

3. On this 70th anniversary of the National Security Council, will President Trump apologize for previously putting white supremacist Steve Bannon on the Council?

4. Gary Cohn said he “can’t guarantee” taxes won’t go up under Trump’s plan for the middle class even though Trump promised his plan would cut taxes for the middle class. Who’s lying?

5. Does the President deny reporting that Russian bots used Facebook and Twitter to promote his candidacy and his feud against NFL players?