Sanders Questions: USA! USA! USA! Edition

The Trump White House sure has an odd way of celebrating American Dreams week. First, they announce a plan that can only be described as ripping the American Dream away from those who want to live, work, and build a better life in our great nation. Then, the President is shamed into signing a sanctions bill to punish Russia for attacking our election, despite overwhelming, bipartisan support for the bill, under what looks like extreme duress. Oh, and the President called the People’s House a “dump.” What’s next?

American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden calls on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to answer the following questions: 

1. President Trump defended his dozens of taxpayer funded vacations in the last six months by saying that the White House is a “dump.” Who does he think is actually blocking the door if he wants to just leave?

2. President Trump’s signing statements on the Russia sanctions bill make clear that he did not want to enact this bill and only signed out of fear of the political fallout that would ensue if he did not. Does President Trump oppose sanctions on Russia because he is indebted to the Russian government for helping him win the election?

3. In defending his position against undocumented immigrants, President Trump has repeatedly said he simply wants to enforce the laws on the books. Doesn’t his new policy to drastically cut legal immigration expose those statements as a lie told to provide cover for his blatantly racist views on all immigrants?
4. What message does the Trump administration taking money from the Justice Department’s civil rights division and putting it into lawsuits against colleges over alleged admissions discrimination against white students send to minority communities across the country?
5. A growing list of Republican senators as well as a bipartisan group of governors have called on the President to keep making Obamacare payments. Will he listen?