Trump Economy Jobs Report: 178,750+ Announced Layoffs

After 225 days as President, Donald Trump still hasn’t come up with a comprehensive plan for creating and protecting good-paying American jobs. Nor has Trump so much as begun to follow through on his campaign promise to begin a large-scale rebuilding of the country’s crumbling infrastructure.

The result: across the country, 178,752 American workers that Trump sold out and left behind have received pink slips since Trump took his oath of office, according to American Bridge’s project.

“Despite Trump’s promises to rebuild our infrastructure and create good-paying American jobs, his first priority was to take away our healthcare access to cut his own taxes, and now he’s throwing all his weight behind even more big tax cuts for himself, his family, and billionaire CEOs,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. “All of that — plus Trump paying his own businesses millions in taxpayer dollars — proves once again that Trump is a nothing but a con artist. His only concern is getting as rich as he can off of his time in office, all at everyone else’s expense.” 

A look at the Trump Economy:

Announced layoffs…

Nationwide: 178,752

Ohio: 9,343

Florida: 8,224

Indiana: 7,361

New Jersey: 6,644

Michigan: 5,410

Georgia: 5,145

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