Trump Economy Update: 157,735 Announced Layoffs

In conjunction with today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report, American Bridge released its latest tabulation of announced layoffs since Donald Trump took office.
At least 157,735 American workers have been given pink slips in the just over six months since Trump’s inauguration, but President Trump has done nothing to meaningfully protect or create American jobs. Instead of introducing a bold jobs plan or comprehensive infrastructure bill, Trump has spent all of his political capital trying to slash his own tax rate with a series of dangerous health care bills that’d strip health insurance away from anywhere between 16 and 32 million Americans.

“Trump’s economy isn’t working for the middle-class and his lies and broken promises are exactly why. From ditching promises to invest in infrastructure to pushing a sham ‘healthcare’ bill that was really a tax cut for the rich, the President has done next to nothing for American jobs since taking office,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. “Trump is a con artist who only cares about growing his own bank account, no matter who has to get hurt in the process. Trump’s betrayals and broken promises aren’t shocking, but that does nothing to soften the blow for the 150,000-and-counting working people who’ve received pink slips on his watch.”

Announced Layoffs and the Trump Economy (via

Nationwide: 157,735
Ohio: 9,163
Florida: 7,522
Indiana: 7,221

New Jersey: 5,069

Georgia: 4,782

Michigan: 4,471
American Bridge 21st Century Foundation also today released a new digital ad highlighting the 150,000-and-counting announced layoffs that have happened on Trump’s watch. The ad, which attacks Trump’s refusal to follow through on large-scale infrastructure investment, one of his central campaign promises, is targeted toward Facebook users in Ohio, Florida, Indiana, and Michigan: