Trump and Republicans are trying to raise taxes on the middle class while cutting them for billionaires

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler responded to the tax reform blueprint released by Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress with the following statement:

“Just like with their failed Trumpcare plans, Donald Trump and Republicans’ backwards values and priorities were exposed with this tax plan that will RAISE taxes on millions of middle class Americans in order to finance a breathtaking multi trillion dollar tax cut for the rich.

“Not only are they violating multiple pledges to the American people, Trump’s tax plan does not close the tax loophole that benefits companies which outsource American jobs and it contains no tax incentives for job retraining.

“Also, instead of delivering opportunity to millions of  struggling Americans, this plan would eliminate the estate tax, which only affects people with over $5 million, and which woul save Trump himself billons.”

“Any Republican who supports this pledge is choosing to help further rig the American economy in favor of the 1% – and is taking a stand against the promise of a better future for average Americans who work hard and play by the rules.”