WATCH: Four Months Ago Cassidy Objected to What He’s Doing Now On His Healthcare Bill 

In May,​ Sen. Bill Cassidy told Fox on-camera that ​the policies now contained in Cassidy-Graham-Heller  would be a disaster for Americans with preexisting conditions​.​  The largest healthcare ​and patient organizations in the United States agree​.

​This comes as ​GOP insiders report ​that ​neither Republican Senators nor the White House understand the basics of this Trumpcare bill that they are rushing to jam down the country’s throats before the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office will even have time to give an official analysis of how it ​would effect their constituents’ lives.​ As it turns out​,​ Cassidy objected to ​​doing that, as well. ​


“Sen. Bill Cassidy has already told the American people – on camera – why the policies in his own bill would have excruciating consequences for Americans suffering from preexisting conditions like cancer.  That is why the American Cancer Society and numerous other patient organizations have joined with American’s doctors and hospitals to fight this disastrous bill.  What changed?” asked American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.


Sen. Bill Cassidy, 5/7/2017: “​I don’t know, as long as the President’s contract with United States​,​ which is those four things — and I added something to it called the Jimmy Kimmel ​test –​ you can lower premiums with a really lousy policy. Which​,​ when someone gets sick, they suddenly realize it only gives them $50,000 worth of coverage, but they now have liver failure, or heart failure or a car wreck and they need more. ”

Sen. Bill Cassidy, 5/5/2017: “We don’t have a score, and so it’s hard to understand what’s going on if the score doesn’t lower premiums….By law, the Senate has to have a score.​”