Bridge Project is dedicated to opposing the conservative movement’s extreme ideology and exposing its dishonest tactics.

Utilizing comprehensive research, video tracking, and rapid-response communications, we aim to dismantle false attacks on progressive policies and shine a light on the moneyed special interests behind the conservative agenda.

In recent years, conservatives have made a strong push for ideological purity within their ranks. The result is a conservative movement beholden to the Tea Party, blind to empirical evidence, and fiercely opposed to almost any form of compromise. Even Republican officials have acknowledged that President Ronald Reagan would not satisfy the rigid standards of today’s conservative movement.

This shift has coincided with a rapidly increasing flow of money to conservative advocacy groups. For many years, contributions from wealthy individuals and private foundations to conservative think tanks and political organizations largely escaped scrutiny. But many right-leaning nonprofits have become nakedly partisan and heavily involved in elections, while lax campaign finance and disclosure laws have propelled conservative political giving to unprecedented levels. In the 2012 cycle, conservative outside groups spent more than $800 million to elect their chosen candidates in federal elections.

Unlike political candidates, the advocacy groups and donors driving the conservative agenda do not disappear after an election. That is why Bridge Project is committed to keeping a watchful eye on the conservative movement, pushing back against extreme ideology, and following the money behind policies that would take America backward.