Rep. Gohmert Thanks “President Barack Hussein Obama” For Helping To “Jump Start A New Ottoman Empire”

From remarks Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) made on the House floor on September 21, 2012, via Right Wing Watch:

GOHMERT: You look, and you, oh my gosh, this is the makings, this is the beginnings, a massive beginning of a new Ottoman Empire that President Obama can take great credit for. Yeah, you know, we’re in great trouble here in America, but you know, look what he has helped do in the Middle East. A new Ottoman Empire. Thank you President Barack Hussein Obama. This will be quite a legacy for you. And I am not one of those who says he’s not a Christian. All I know is – that’s between him and God – but what I do know is he has helped jump start a new Ottoman Empire.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “Tim Kaine – No On Energy”

In an ad attacking Gov. Tim Kaine’s (D-VA) positions on energy, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggests that Kaine opposes American energy exploration, is against the Keystone pipeline, and supports costly cap-and-trade policies. But Kaine has supported energy development plans, including offshore exploration, provided they are adequately reviewed for their impacts on Virginians and the environment. Meanwhile, Kaine’s stance on cap-and-trade – which would likely have little impact on family budgets — is that the threats climate change poses to Virginia’s families and businesses must be addressed.

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U.S. Chamber Of Commerce: “Martin Heinrich Has Gone Washington”

A U.S. Chamber of Commerce ad attacks Senate candidate Rep. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) over his votes against the Regulatory Accountability Act, against the Keystone Pipeline, for the American Clean Energy and Security Act, for Wall Street reform, and for the health care law. The Chamber implies that Heinrich’s votes killed jobs, created red tape, or harmed Medicare, misleading voters about the bills.

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Center for Individual Freedom: “Busy”

The Center for Individual Freedom attacks Kentucky Rep. Ben Chandler (D) for supporting the Recovery Act, bailouts, cap-and-trade, and “keeping the death tax.” The ad wrongly demonizes legislation that helped strengthen the economy (or, in the case of cap-and-trade, could have if it had passed). However, the ad’s most egregious distortion is that it ignores that Chandler recently voted with House Republicans to keep the estate tax limited.

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Center for Individual Freedom: “Burden”

An ad from the Center for Individual Freedom asks, “Don’t Nevadans already pay enough in taxes?” It then blasts State Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, who is now running for a seat in the U.S. House, for supporting several tax increases. The truth is, however, that Nevada’s tax structure is deeply reliant on revenue from gaming and sales, which plummeted during the recession. In an effort to close budget gaps, avoid devastating cuts to education and services, and address longer-term structural problems with Nevada’s tax code, Horsford has backed several revenue increases, each time has coupling them with spending cuts.

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “Voted To Cut Medicare”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which receives significant funding from health insurers, attacks Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) for voting to “cut” Medicare and for supporting the public insurance option. But the Affordable Care Act reduces future Medicare spending without cutting seniors’ benefits, and Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget actually preserved the law’s savings. Moreover, the Chamber’s description of the public option as “wildly unpopular” is absurd: Although it was dropped from the final legislation, 2009 polls consistently showed that a clear majority of Americans favored having the choice of a public plan.

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Center for Individual Freedom: “Three of Kind”

The Center for Individual Freedom mischaracterizes the effects of the Affordable Care Act to claim that Rep. Leonard Boswell’s (D-IA) voting record is bad for Iowa’s seniors. For example, the ad implies that savings included in the ACA, indeed over $700 billion, will reduce Medicare benefits. The truth, however, is that the ACA reduces future Medicare spending without cutting benefits and that seniors—in Iowa and across the country—will benefit from expanded care and reduced gaps in coverage, all without the imagined interference from government bureaucrats.

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Center For Individual Freedom: “Shelf Life”

The Center for Individual Freedom suggests that Rep. Bill Owens (D-NY) broke a campaign promise by supporting the Affordable Care Act, which the group criticizes for “slashing Medicare spending by over $700 billion.” But while the health care law reduces the growth of Medicare spending, it does not cut seniors’ benefits – and it was “benefit cuts,” not overall spending, that Owens pledged to oppose. In addition, same savings were included the Republican budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). The ad also falsely calls the ACA a “government takeover” and misleads about the power of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, whose members must be confirmed by the Senate and are prohibited from cutting benefits or “rationing” care.

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National Federation of Independent Business: “Commitment”

The National Federation of Independent Business calls Iowa congressional candidate Christie Vilsack a “tax hiker,” citing her support for the Affordable Care Act. But the health care law doesn’t raise taxes on most Americans, and Vilsack has specified that she supports keeping the Bush-era tax cuts for those earning under $1 million.

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National Federation Of Independent Business: “One Clear Answer”

The National Federation of Independent Business urges New York residents to vote against Rep. Louise Slaughter (D) because of her support for clean energy legislation and health care reform. However, the group misleadingly characterizes both policies as major middle-class tax increases. The ad also criticizes the Affordable Care Act for reducing the growth of Medicare spending, failing to acknowledge that the law’s “cuts” do not impact seniors’ benefits and were also included in Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget.

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