NEW VIDEO: Bridge Project declares May as “Month’s Supply of Koch”

Starting with a spring 2014 expose on David Koch‘s libertarian run for president, Bridge Project has been committed to exposing the Koch brothers. In addition to the Real Koch Facts website — updated constantly with new information about the Kochs agenda and shady tactics — Bridge Project has released research on their efforts in states including Wisconsin and North Carolina. Now, the Kochs are set to spend almost $900 million this election and their invisible primary has Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul auditioning to be the most Koch-friendly candidate. In response, Bridge Project is dedicating the month of May to shining a light on the Koch brothers and their sprawling political organization, bringing you a “Month’s Supply of Koch.”

We’ll be building on our existing work and taking a deeper dive into new states and constituency groups. Since Charles Koch continues to insist that their political spending has nothing to do with boosting Koch Industries’ bottom line, he and David shouldn’t mind Bridge Project digging into their secretive right-wing operations.

Today, Bridge Project is releasing a new web ad, the first 30-second video in a new animated series called “Koch Tank.” We’ll go behind the scenes of the Kochs’ auditions to pick their GOP presidential candidate among the five chosen ones who are eager to fall in line with the Koch agenda.

For the next month, Bridge Project will be releasing in-depth reports on the billionaires’ political organizations and uncovering their shady methods that seek to rig the system in their favor. We’ll look at their strategies for buying candidates and leveraging political power in two key primary states, Florida and Iowa. Bridge Project will also release reports about the Kochs’ top funding recipients and front groups intended to maintain influence over a rapidly changing electorate. These include the LIBRE Initiative, Concerned Women for America, Concerned Veterans for America, and Generation Opportunity. These undercover Koch groups gloss over the Kochs’ extreme policies that disproportionately hurt key demographics such as minorities, young voters, and women.

Watch our new Koch Tank web ad below and stay tuned for more updates exposing the Kochs’ self-serving agenda throughout the month.