One More LIBRE Lie: ‘Voter ID Laws Don’t Hurt Latinos’

It’s well documented that voter ID laws disproportionately disenfranchise Latinos, the same demographic for which the LIBRE Initiative claims to be advocating. Yet, the Koch-backed organization’s executive director, Daniel Garza, said he was in favor of the policy yesterday, with NBC News reporting Garza claims “he has no problem with requiring identification to vote because he believes in preserving the ‘integrity’ of the vote.”

The truth is: needless voter ID laws only serve to build up barriers to the ballot box for those that aren’t receptive to the Koch brothers’ regressive vision for America. As the New York Times noted on Monday, “There is virtually no in-person voter fraud; the purpose of these laws is to suppress voting.” Even a top RNC official admitted voter fraud is basically a straw-man of the right’s creation.

But the Kochs and Republicans have discovered that they can rig the system in their favor by making it harder for Latinos to vote. Garza has tried to muddy the waters by attacking progressive groups that have called LIBRE out for their shady tactics, saying the group has been discouraged from “engaging/increasing Latino vote[s].”  This attack is laughable. LIBRE has a long history of supporting policies that hurt Hispanics and now has doubled down on discriminatory election laws.

The LIBRE Initiative serves only one purpose: to spread the Kochs’ propaganda and tilt the playing field toward candidates who will shill for the billionaire brothers.


LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza “Said He Has No Problem With Requiring Identification To Vote Because His Group Believes In Preserving The ‘Integrity’ Of The Vote.” According to NBC News, “Daniel Garza, executive director of LIBRE, a conservative group that wants to increase Latino voting, said he has no problem with requiring identification to vote because his group believes in preserving the ‘integrity’ of the vote and the principle of ‘one man, one vote.’” [NBC News, 6/4/15]

Garza: “I’ve Never Been In A Meeting Where People Have Said We Need To Suppress The Vote…It Doesn’t Occur, It Doesn’t Happen.” According to NBC News, “‘I’ve never been in a meeting where people have said we need to suppress the vote. I’ve never heard a conservative in a room saying “What can we do to keep Latinos from voting?” It doesn’t occur, it doesn’t happen,’ Garza said.” [NBC News,6/4/15]

Garza: “The Left Has Worked Hard To Suppress Our Voice. We’ve Been Slammed By The Left To Shut Up To Not Do Outreach, To Not Engage.” According to NBC News, “Garza said he did not know enough about the other voting restrictions passed in states, so could not comment on that. But he said his group puts a priority on informing Latinos and wants them to be informed and is not trying to keep people home. ‘The left has worked hard to suppress our voice. We’ve been slammed by the left to shut up to not do outreach, to not engage,’ Garza said.” [NBC News, 6/4/15]

Daniel Garza Tweet: “Liberal Hypocrisy On #Voterrights? Score Of Articles Expose Concerted Effort To Stop @Libreinitiative From Engaging/Increasing Latino Vote.” [Twitter, 6/4/15]