Bridge Project to Air Orlando Radio Ads as Trump Kicks Off Reelection on One Year Anniversary of Family Separation

Listen to the ad here

Ads are part of an ongoing five figure Trump accountability campaign from Bridge Project 

As Donald Trump kicks off his reelection campaign in Orlando today, Bridge Project will begin airing radio ads to hold him accountable for caging children and separating families at the southern border. The ads will run Tuesday on Pandora in the Orlando area, and come on the one year anniversary of ProPublica publishing the heart-wrenching audio of crying children who had been separated from their families at the border.

One year later, the policy still stands. The ads feature the audio from the ProPublica recording and are the latest phase in an ongoing five-figure campaign from Bridge Project that began last week in Iowa.

“Nothing sums up Donald Trump’s presidency more than him kicking off his reelection campaign on the anniversary of this horrific audio becoming public,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. “While Trump’s time in office has been exclusively defined by controversy, scandal, and corruption, the cries of these children represent what was unquestionably the lowest point of the Trump presidency. Trump may think people have moved on from this horrific moment in our country’s history, but we aren’t going to let people forget.”

Listen to the ad below.