Bridge Project Exposes Local-Level Pain Inflicted by Trump’s Policies in MI

Promoted Articles Continue Series that Also Focuses on FL, PA, and WI

With all eyes on Michigan ahead of the Democratic debates tonight and tomorrow, Bridge Project announced a new round of articles on the group’s digital media site, American Ledger, that exposes the pain caused by Trump’s disastrous policies for communities in the state. The articles will be promoted through Facebook advertising targeting each article to the relevant county with the newest articles covering Trump’s betrayal of families in Calhoun, Lake, and Macomb counties – counties which also helped Trump win the state in 2016.

The new promoted posts mark the second round of a five-figure campaign to detail the detrimental effects the Trump administration has had on local communities in Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania (where the first round of articles was launched two weeks ago) – initial steps in a major $50 million, “hyper-local,” effort to target Trump’s base in key swing states heading into 2020.

“With this new launch, Bridge is expanding its work to bring to light just how badly Trump has betrayed the state of Michigan with broken promises and failed policies,” said American Bridge Trump War Room Communications Director Jeb Fain. “Donald Trump turned his back on Michiganders. We’re going to drill down, county by county, to showcase the damage this president and his administration have caused and make sure people understand that they can’t afford any more of the Trump agenda.”

The new American Ledger articles being promoted in Michigan follow:

As Calhoun County Continues to Suffer From the Opioid Crisis, No Additional Federal Funding in Sight

Trump Administration Blocked a Study on the Dangers of PFAS as Their Levels Rise in Battle Creek, Michigan’s Drinking Water

Trump Admin Turns Back on Lake County Residents, Local Public Health Crisis

Lawsuit Pushed By the Trump Admin Could Leave Thousands in Macomb County Without Healthcare