Under a Cloud of Impeachment, Donald Trump’s Record of Lies, Failures, and Inequality on Full Display

Tonight, impeached President Donald Trump will attempt to distract from his record of lies and failures with empty rhetoric. Still, nothing can change the basic fact that Trump and his corrupt administration are hurting middle and working-class families. He is sabotaging our health care system. He passed an unprecedented Tax Scam that gave handouts to multinational corporations and the wealthy while exploding the deficit. And his tenure in the White House has led to historic income inequality.

“Tonight, charlatan-in-chief Donald Trump will paint a rosy and gilded picture of our country, but when you take a closer look, those lies cannot distract from his failed economic record, his health care sabotage, and an impeachment cover-up. Under Trump, working families are under attack, income inequality is at historic levels, and our health care system is on life support,” said Kyle Morse, a spokesperson for American Bridge. “Between now and Election Day, we are going to continue holding Trump accountable for his failures and remind the American people that they are better off without a dangerous and unchecked Donald Trump.”


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