Mueller Hearings A Seminal Moment for Trump Admin, Country

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committees represents yet another seminal moment in this administration’s history and also our country’s. What the country is readying to witness is unprecedented, and for an administration that seemingly produces a new crisis every 12 hours, the only consistent source of controversy since Trump’s inauguration has been the ongoing scandal surrounding Russian interference in the 2016 election.

While it remains highly unlikely that the investigation will have an outsized electoral impact in 2020, the reality is this: every moment Americans are consuming information about the president’s corruption, his ties to a hostile foreign entity that tampered with the 2016 election, and crimes committed by members of his inner circle is a net positive for progressives. Failing to amplify these controversies would be malpractice.

With that focus in mind, Bridge Project is doing its part. In advance of tomorrow’s hearings, and through the balance of the week, we are launching a new campaign to highlight the most damning moments of Wednesday’s hearings while boosting the reach of our research and content to Americans who will be tuning in and seeking more information about the Russia scandal. In specific, Bridge Project will be:

  • Promoting search ads to users who are seeking information about Trump, Russia, and the Mueller hearings – starting today through the balance of the week. The search ads will direct target audiences to which will then redirect to our Medium page with a newly published summary of the Russia scandal that will be updated throughout Wednesday’s hearings.
  • Conducting real-time rapid response led by Trump War Room Research Director Pat Dennis through a Twitter Takeover of the group’s account, @BridgeProject21, during both hearings to share real-time reaction, analysis, and proprietary opposition research on Trump’s ties to Russia.
  • Clipping and amplifying key moments from Wednesday’s hearings to press and through social media channels.
  • Releasing content from our archives to showcase Republican hypocrisy as it presents itself throughout the day, further putting members of Congress on defense for turning a blind eye to Trump’s scandals.

Not since the Nixon administration has a scandal of this magnitude engulfed a sitting president. For all his attempts to cry “No Obstruction, No Collusion” and cherry-pick evidence to mislead Americans, the Mueller investigation and report reveal a damning picture of Trump’s behavior dating back to the 2016 campaign. Mueller has already made it clear that the president was never exonerated of wrongdoing. His report presents comprehensive evidence of Russia’s extensive interference in the 2016 election, numerous ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia, as well as multiple efforts by the president of the United States to obstruct subsequent resulting investigations. Tomorrow’s hearings provide a major opportunity to further share evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing with the American public, only this time it will be brought to life in vivid and excruciating detail. It’s a seminal moment in history, and Bridge Project stands ready to capitalize on the opportunity it presents to make sure Americans know the truth about Trump, Russia, and interference in the 2016 election.