PHOTOS: No Rest for Obstructionist Senators This Recess

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Cruz 3.21.16

Portman 3.21.16 (2)


Senate Republicans received an earful as they were reprimanded by their hometown “bosses” during Spring recess. Their voters’ message was clear: Stop the obstruction and #DoYourJob!

Below are some of the events, news clips, editorials, and letters-to-the-editor that “welcomed” senators back home.

  • Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
  • Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley
  • Sen. Kelly Ayotte
  • Sen. Roy Blunt
  • Sen. Richard Burr
  • Sen. Ted Cruz
  • Sen. Ron Johnson
  • Sen. Mark Kirk
  • Sen. John McCain
  • Sen. Rob Portman
  • Sen. Pat Toomey

Hopefully now, the Republicans remember who got them their jobs in the first place. We’ll see if the message over the last two weeks sinks in when the Senate returns to work on Monday…

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Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky

McConnell 3.21.16 (1)

Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa

Huffington Post: An Iowa Teenager Just Shut Down Chuck Grassley’s Supreme Court Argument Jennifer Bendery, 4/1/16

MSNBC: Maybe It’s Time for the “Grassley Rule” Steve Benen, 4/1/16

Grassley 3.30.16 (2) (1)

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire


NBC News: Supreme Court Fight: Quarter of Republican Senators Now Back Meetings For Merrick Garland Ari Melber, 3/29/16

Boston Globe: National Split Over Garland Roils N.H. Senate Race Akilah Johnson, 3/26/16
Wall Street Journal: For Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Court Fight Is Felt Close to Home Siobhan Hughes, 3/25/16
Seacoast Online: Protesters to Ayotte: Do Your Job on Supreme Court Nominee Max Sullivan, 3/21/16

Editorials & Op-Eds
Valley News Op-Ed: Grassley, Ayotte and the Burden of History Dartmouth professor Randall Balmer, 3/24/16
Valley News Editorial: Obstruction of Justice Editorial, 3/22/16

Caledonian Record Editorial: Clear Voice Editorial, 3/20/16

Union Leader Letter to the Editor:  Ayotte’s right, wrong on nomination Daniel Pearson, 3/31/16
Concord Monitor Letter to the Editor: Ayotte unworthy of voters’ trust Bill Smith, 3/29/16 
Concord Monitor Letter to the Editor: Ayotte ignores peoples will Jonathan Cohen, 3/29/16
Sen. Roy Blunt, Missouri
Kansas City Star: “Split Decision Turns Up Heat On Senate To Find Ninth Justice For The Supreme Court” Dave Helling, 3/24/16
Kansas City Star Online Poll: 82% Say Obama “Deserves An Up-Or-Down Vote… Sooner Rather Than Later,” 77% Disagree Strongly With “Republicans Have A Good Point,” 75% Disagree Strongly With “Republicans… Should Not Be Punished” At The Polls For Blocking Garland
Sen. Richard Burr, North Carolina


Daily Journal: State legislators urge Burr, Tillis to vote on Obama’s Supreme Court pick Daily Journal, 3/21/16
Editorials & Op-Eds

Charlotte Observer Viewpoint: The Two Casualties of Blocking Merrick Garland, John Wester, 4/2/16
News & Observer Editorial: Burr, Tillis snub nominee and law Editorial, 3/30/16
Citizen-Times Editorial: Our view: Senate’s duty clear on Scalia vacancy Editorial, 3/24/16
Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas

Cruz 3.21.16 (2)

Cruz 3.21.16

Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin

Johnson: “The Fact Is, We’re Not Going To Hold Hearings.” [Video] CNN, 3/30/16
CNN: Navigating Donald Trump And SCOTUS: One Senator’s Plan Manu Raju, 3/28/16
WSAW: Sen. Ron Johnson Speaks About The State Of The Supreme Court Greg Praver, 3/23/16
Associated Press: Dozens Urge Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson To Support Merrick Garland Vote 3/21/16
Editorials & Op-Eds
Marquette University Law School’s Ed Fallone: The Senate Has No Authority To Obstruct Nominees To The Supreme Court Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/26/16

Fond du Lac Letters: Sen. Johnson Urged to Consider Nominee, Barbara Schneeberger, 4/1/16

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Sen. Mark Kirk, Illinois

Kirk 3.31.16

Sen. John McCain, Arizona

McCain: “The Senate decides when to advise and consent” American Bridge Tracking Footage, 3/30/16
Daily Courier: Seeking re-election, McCain talks VA, terrorism, fire, water in Prescott Les Bowen, 3/29/16
McCain: “No Productivity” In Meeting With SCOTUS Nominee American Bridge Tracking Footage, 3/29/16
Arizona Republic: “Constituents Urge McCain To Reconsider Supreme Court Nominee” Alicia Clark, 3/21/16

The Daily Courier LTE: Judges “Shall” Be…, Glenn Miller, 4/1/16

McCain 3.31.16

McCain 3.28.16

Folks in AZ want @SenJohnMcCain to do his job! Let him know that you do your job & expect him to do his. #DoYourJob

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Nevada 3.26.16

Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio


WVXU: Will Supreme Court Nomination Hurt Portman’s Re-Election Bid? Howard Wilkinson, 3/27/16
Cincinnati Enquirer: Supreme Court Vacancy Puts Portman On Hot Seat Dierdre Shesgreen, 3/25/16
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Americans Want Senate To Vote On Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland. Portman Keeps Saying No Stephen Koff, 3/25/16
ABC 6: Protesters Want Portman To Vote On Supreme Court Pick
Ben Garbarek, 3/21/16


Editorials & Op-Eds
Toledo Blade Editorial: Judge The Person Editorial, 3/30/16

Chillicothe Gazette LTE: Portman, Brown Should Uphold Their Oath, Robert A. Wakefield, 4/3/16
Athens Post LTE: Senator Rob Portman Should Support Hearings For A New Supreme Court Justice Levi Brown, 3/30/16
Columbus Dispatch LTE: Sen. Rob Portman Should Do His Job Andrew Lee Hinkle, 3/24/16
Portman 3.21.16

Ohio 3.29.16

Portman 3.21.16 (2)

Portman 3.21.16 (3)

Senate 3.23.16

Sen. Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania

Daily Item: “Toomey’s Support Wilts Under Supreme Backlash” Rick Dandes, 3/29/16
Christian Science Monitor: Democrats Hammer GOP Over Supreme Court, But There’s A Flaw Francine Kiefer, 3/28/16
Tribune Review: “Sen. Toomey’s Unfavorability Rating Growing” Tom Fontaine, 3/27/16
Editorials & Op-Eds
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial: “Test For Toomey: Do Your Job, Or Voters Will Elect A Senator Who Will” Editorial, 3/30/16
Daily Item Editorial: “Meet Nominees And Cast Vote” Editorial, 3/28/16
Reading Eagle Editorial: “Senate Muffling The Voices Of Nearly 66 Million Voters” Editorial, 3/26/16
Scranton Times-Tribune LTE: “Do Job, Toomey” Rosalind Hume, 3/31/16
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette LTE: “Sen. Toomey Is Hiding From His Duty To Act On The Court Nominee” Richard Matthews, 3/30/16
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette LTE: “Pat Toomey And Other GOP Senators Are Ignoring The People’s Voice” Stevan Logan, 3/30/16
Penn Live LTE: “If Republicans And Pat Toomey Can’t Do Their Job Then They Should Be Fired” John Norton, 3/30/16
Times-Tribune LTE: “Lame Explanation” Ed Cole, 3/28/16
Morning Call LTE: “Sen. Toomey Trades Democracy For Partisanship” Joanne Koldare, 3/28/16
Toomey 3.27.16

NCJW 3.25.16

NCJW 3.21.16