REPORT Gavels for Sale: GOP Committee Chairs Call To Order An Extremist Congress

 “Gavels for Sale: GOP Committee Chairs Call to Order an Extremist Congress.”

Bridge Project today released a new report on the House and Senate committee chairs who are leveraging their leadership positions to peddle extreme policies, promote the Koch brothers’ agenda, and conduct partisan investigations.

This latest batch of committee chairs is increasingly hostile towards the agencies that they oversee while raking in millions in campaign donations from the industries that they are responsible for regulating. These chairs have continued the model perfected by Congressman Darrell Issa, who honed the GOP’s strategy of using chairmanships for partisan witch-hunts rather than legitimate oversight.

Despite trumpeting the diversity of their freshman class, the GOP leadership team looks like an episode of Mad Men. You have to dive into the subcommittee level to find any legislators of color and only two of the 40 committees are chaired by women.

This Congress is on track to become the most extreme we’ve seen yet.