Rep. Broun On President Obama: “He Is A Dictator”

From a podcast interview with Jason Pye on July 29, 2012:

PYE (HOST): The use of executive privilege for a situation like this, where the president says he’s not involved, but he’s using this privilege to cover up — I mean, that indicates — he may not be involved, but it certainly indicates some involvement, or it kind of poitns to that at least.

REP. PAUL BROUN (R-GA): You’re absolutely right. This whole thing stinks. Terribly. And the American people need to know that when they go to the polls in November, they need to remember these types of things. We see this president acting in a very dictatorial manner. And if Congress lets him continue it, he is a dictator, and it’s our fault. Under the Constitution, Congress is supposed to be the strongest branch of government, now it’s the weakest. The Supreme Court’s supposed to be the weakest, and it’s the strongest. And we’ve got to change all that. It’s up to we the people all across the country to understand how much liberty we’re losing and fight to put it back in place. We the people can change things. I’m not gonna change things in Washington. I can fight and be very vocal about it, as I’ve been doing, and I’ve been a leader in trying to promote constitutional limited government as our founding fathers meant it to be. But I can’t do that alone. I need we the people all across this country to come and enlist and be soldiers in this fight, to hold all the U.S. senators and their U.S. congressmen accountable. But the thing is, if we don’t know what the Constitution says, what government’s supposed to be, how are we gonna demand that from our elected representatives? That’s the reason I encourage people to read the Constitution and read what our founding fathers said about it. That’s the only thing that’s the final arbiter of what’s constitutional or not: the Constitution itself and what our founding fathers said about it. Not some Supreme Court justice or even the whole Supreme Court, not some president, not some Congress in either party. Both parties are guilty. And we’re destroying what our founding fathers gave us in this nation, and the freedom and liberty that we’ve enjoyed for over 200 years now, we’re gonna let it slide away and slip through our fingers, and we’re going to be a socialist nation where the federal government’s going to control everything in our lives, and both parties are guilty. And actually we the people are guilty because we’re not electing the right kind of people to Congress, we’re not electing the right kind of people to U.S. Senate, we’re not electing the right kind of president. We the people have to reclaim this and the only way we can do that is by becoming knowledgeable about what government should be under the Constitution.