WATCH: New Planned Parenthood Video

Bridge Project today is releasing a web ad that pulls the curtain open on anti-choice extremist group Center for Medical Progress and their highly edited and misleading attacks on Planned Parenthood. Center for Medical Progress activists have deep and lasting ties to militant extremists who have attacked Planned Parenthood and women’s healthcare for decades.
It is an attack coordinated with Republicans who have admitted viewing a video weeks earlier than its public release and comes from a group that reportedly has misled the IRS. Even Republican presidential candidates like Marco Rubio and Scott Walker are using these misleading attacks to fundraise.

David Daleiden & The Center For Medical Progress

David Daleiden Was A Friend Of James O’Keefe Of Veritas Visuals. According to the Claremont Conservative, “James O’Keefe is a friend of David Daleiden”s (sic) (CMC’11). O’Keefe and Hannah Giles have been going coast to coast documenting instances of ACORN employees willingly giving advice on how to avoid paying taxes and shielding a would be pimp (running for congress) and a prostitutent (sic) from the watchful eye of the law. They’ve brought their investigation to New York City, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. […] Today, James’s operation, Veritas Visuals, released the first part of a two part clip showing corruption in ACORN’s nearby office in San Bernardino County. On camera, the ACORN worker admits to being an ex-prostitute, helps O’Keefe and Giles hide their operation, and admits to murdering her ex-husband. Here’s the clip.” [Claremont Conservative, 9/15/09]


Daleiden Has Long Advocated Congressional Investigations Into Planned Parenthood

In July 2011, Daleiden Called For A Congressional Investigation Against Cecile Richards And Planned Parenthood. According to a Live Action News article authored by David Daleiden, “Let’s take Cecile Richards to the witness stand. (Or maybe Stuart Schear?) The Obama administration may have put the kibosh on federal defunding of Planned Parenthood for now, but in the meantime, congressional hearings can keep the negative pressure on Planned Parenthood & co. and support further state defundings. Moreover–with the special authority of Congress to subpoena witnesses and documents in an investigation of a federally-funded organization, who knows what further corruption and violations inside Planned Parenthood might come to light?” [Live Action News, 7/14/11]


Daleiden Previously Attacked A Womens’ Health Advocate As “Bitter” And “Tone-Deaf”

Daleiden In July 2011: NARAL Executive Director Kellie Copeland Is A “Bitter Pro-Abortion Hack” Who Was “Tone-Deaf” On A Fetal Heartbeat Bill in Ohio. According to a Live Action News article authored by David Daleiden, “The proposed heartbeat bill, already passed by a large majority in the House and pending in the Senate, bans abortion as soon as the unborn child’s heartbeat can be detected, which is about 6 weeks LMP at the latest. The leader of NARAL in Ohio gives this tone-deaf rebuttal: ‘They can give it whatever cute name they want,’ said Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. ‘(HB 125) is a virtual ban on abortion. It’s a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. By the time you find out you’re pregnant, abortion is already illegal.’ Most Americans find the first heartbeats of their children, observed via ultrasound, to be fascinating and magical. Not sure they would take so well to the jeering cynicism of a bitter pro-abortion hack like Copeland, who has made oafish remarks about unborn children with heartbeats in the past, too.” [Live Action News, 7/29/11]


Daleiden History Of Using Videotapes Against Womens’ Health Advocates Dates To His Time In College

Daleiden Was Banned From Pomana College, Which Later Rescinded The Ban, After HeVideotaped A Planned Parenthood Representative During A “Tough” Question-And-Answer Session On “Recent Planned Parenthood Scandals.” According to a press release from Live Action obtained via Christian Newswire, “Pomona College banned two pro-life students from campus last week after they videotaped the question-and-answer session during a Planned Parenthood representative’s talk and asked the representative tough questions about recent Planned Parenthood scandals. Pomona rescinded its ban this week after facing strong opposition from students, faculty, and alumni. The pro-life students, David Daleiden, 20, and Kyle Kinneberg, 21, are members of the youth-led right-to-life advocacy group Live Action.” [Live Action, 3/12/09]

  • Daleiden Was Not A Student At Pomona College.According to the Claremont Conservative, “Here is what Claremont McKenna Dean Fid Castro is alleged by David to have said about helping Kyle and David get unbanned from Pomona College. From David[:] ‘You have no right to be on Pomona’s campus. You have no more right to walk across Pomona’s campus than you do to walk through someone’s living room. You have no contractual agreement with Pomona college; you are not a student at Pomona; you have no more rights at Pomona than an individual walking his dog down the street.’” [Claremont Conservative, 3/5/09]


Daleiden Promotes Theories To Challenge The Legality Of Abortion

Daleiden In April 2011: “Pro-Lifers” Should Challenge The Right To Abortion On Equal Protection Grounds. According to an op-ed by David Daleiden for Live Action News, “Pro-aborts have long desired that the putative constitutional right to abortion be reset on grounds of ‘equal protection’ for women rather than privacy and liberty. Ohio’s fetal homicide law has been on the books since 1996–why have pro-lifers not yet brought to court the obvious equal protection challenge to legal abortion that fetal homicide statutes represent? Fetal homicide laws, constitutional even under current abortion jurisprudence, render the unborn persons with rights to be protected by the State. Nothing is more arbitrary discrimination than allowing the will of a private citizen to dictate whether another person’s killing is murder or not.” [David Daleiden – Live Action News, 4/30/11]


Daleiden Mentored Famous Right-Wing Troll Charles C. Johnson

David Daleiden Was “A Great Example To” His College Friend Charles C. Johnson. According to a post by Charles C. Johnson, “On Friday, the House of Representatives defunded Planned Parenthood of all the federal tax monies — all $317 million of it. As a taxpayer, I appreciate it, David, and as your friend, I want to congratulate you. Your steadfast dedication to a cause you believe in has always been a great example to me. David, dear readers, was one of the first people I met when I came to campus. We both lived in Stark, we were both night owls, and we both were very broadly speaking conservatives. Over time, he won me over on many — though not all — of his pro-life arguments.” [Claremont Conservative, 2/19/11]

  • Johnson Joined A Pro-Life Group Headed By Daleiden.According to a post by Charles C. Johnson, “David Daleiden, head of Life Chain, a pro-life group I’ve joined, writes eloquently about the campaign of sexual misinformation.” [Claremont Conservative, 10/25/07]
  • After Dalediden Was Banned From The Premises Of A Local College, Johnson Helped Apply “Intense Public Scrutiny” On His Behalf.According to a post by Charles C. Johnson, “And as I celebrate your victory, I can feel a small part of it. After all, this website was part of the ‘intense public scrutiny’ that David credits with getting his ban from Pomona College overturned. Have a look. In March 2009, David and a fellow student were banned from sister campus Pomona College after videotaping a Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles speaker denying Planned Parenthood’s responsibility for the cover-up of statutory rape. The ban was soon lifted after intense public scrutiny.” [Claremont Conservative, 2/19/11]

Johnson Was Permanently Suspended From Twitter “After Asking For Funds To ‘Take Out’” A Civil Rights Activist. According to the Washington Post, “On Sunday, Johnson was permanently suspended from the site after asking for funds to ‘take out’ the civil rights activist DeRay McKesson, who’s been active in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo. Twitter has also suspended a series of Johnson’s new accounts, including @citizentrolling and @freechucknow, prompting Johnson and his lawyers to threaten legal action and accuse the site of ‘censorship.’ ‘Twitter doesn’t seem to have a problem with people using their service to coordinate riots,’ Johnson complained on his blog,, which has since been downed by an apparent DDoS attack. ‘But they do have a problem with the kind of journalism I do.’” [Washington Post, 5/26/15]

  • Johnson “Has Been Described As ‘Twitter’s Most Infamous Right-Wing Troll.’”According to, “Johnson is a 26-year-old California man who has been described as ‘Twitter’s most infamous right-wing troll’ (Mother Jones), a ‘digital Darth Vader’ (Politico), ‘your least favorite person’ (the Washington Post), and ‘mood slime’ (the New York Times). He is best known for outing the subject at the center of the discredited Rolling Stone UVA story, publishing the home addresses of New York Times Ferguson reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson, and parsing Mike Brown’s Instagram photos for proof of a ‘violent streak.’” [,5/28/15]


Johnson Published The Addresses Of Two Reporters And Threatened To “To Use Auctions To Set The Price” On The Heads Of Journalists

Johnson Published The Addresses Of Two New York Times Reporters In Retaliation For Their Reporting On Darren Wilson. According to an opinion by Charles C. Johnson, “New York Times reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson published the address of Darren Wilson in the New York Times so here are their addresses. strenuously objects to publishing the addresses of individuals who are being targeted with death threats. published the address of Ebola patient Nina Pham so that people could avoid going to her Dallas apartment. But it would also be wrong to publish the addresses of journalists without their consent. It would be wrong, for example, to publish Bosman’s address at [Address redacted.] It would be similarly wrong to publish the address of Robertson, too. [Address redacted.] So why do journalists think they are beyond examination?” [, 11/25/14]

  • Johnson: “We Are Going To Use Auctions To Set The Price On The Head Of Each Journalist We Take Down.”According to Mother Jones, “And he’s trained his sights on other journalists, such as Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post, whom Johnson said was ‘obsessed with race’ and had shown ‘overt friendliness in his reporting about Michael Brown.’ Johnson revealed that Lowery had once received a speeding ticket. ‘We are going to use auctions to set the price on the head of each journalist we take down,’ he tweeted.” [Mother Jones, 12/16/14]


Johnson Targeted An Alleged Rape Victim

Johnson Threatened To “Start Revealing Everything About” An Alleged Rape Victim’s Past Unless She Met His Demand “To Tell The Truth.” According to Mother Jones, “Not to mention that he had recently published the home addresses of two New York Times reporters and he’d just spent two days gleefully airing personal information about a woman he’d never met. (‘I’m giving Jackie until later tonight to tell the truth and then I’m going to start revealing everything about her past,’ he’d taunted her on Twitter.) […] After RS conceded that it had found ‘discrepancies’ in Erdely’s reporting, Johnson offered a cash reward to anyone who could tell him who Jackie really was.” [Mother Jones, 12/16/14]

“Johnson Published What He Claimed Was Jackie’s Full Name” Along With Photos From What He Called “Her ‘Rape Obsessed’ Pinterest Page.”According to Mother Jones, “Two days later, Johnson published what he claimed was Jackie’s full name at his website, Then he published photos from her “rape obsessed” Pinterest page. He told me that he paid $200 for the information that led to her.” [Mother Jones, 12/16/14]


Johnson Has A History Of Targeting And Slandering Minorities

Johnson: “Gays Have A Higher Rate Of Mental Illness Than Do Straights. You Decide If Engineer’s Homosexuality Is Worth Noting. I Report It.” “Self-described ‘debunker of frauds’ and editor Charles C. Johnson, who takes credit for being the first to identify Bostian as the train’s engineer, suggested that Bostian’s sexual orientation may be connected to a mental illness. Bostian’s lawyer has said his client had no health issues and was taking no medications. [“]Gays have a higher rate of mental illness than do straights. You decide if engineer’s homosexuality is worth noting. I report it. #Amtrak188[”] — Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) May 13, 2015[.] By Thursday evening, Johnson was sharing articles on his site that claimed to show Bostian’s ‘dick pics,’ along with homophobic tweets bearing messages like ‘Given that Bostian is a flaming homosexual, perhaps prison isn’t the best remedy for his negligence in killing 8 people.’”[, 5/15/15]

  • Johnson Spread Innuendo That President Obama Had A Secret Gay Past.According to the Daily Caller, “GotNews editor-in-chief Charles Johnson was on a serious mission Monday night to out President Obama as gay. But in the process, he had an absolutely golden typo that accidentally mentions his own sex life.” The now-deleted tweet read “Why did Obama live with several openly gay men if he’s not gay? Why can’t we find any women who have had sex with me & will talk?” [Daily Caller, 12/3/14]

Johnson Sued For The Juvenile Records Of Ferguson Shooting Victim Michael Brown, Then Published Rumors He Had Been Involved In A Second Degree Murder And Was A Member Of The Crips. According to a post by Charles C. Johnson, “Got News editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson was told by two different law enforcement sources from St. Louis that Brown had a juvenile arrest record but that that report has been kept from the public. [“]I had two law enforcement contacts who told me #MichaelBrown had juvenile criminal record. I will be suing to get the answer. #Ferguson[”]— Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) August 20, 2014 [“]Confirmed earlier report that #MichaelBrown had juvenile arrest record involving second degree murder… Working on getting report #Ferguson[”] — Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) August 18, 2014 There are rumors that Brown was also a member of the Crips, a notorious gang and that his death may have even brought two gangs—the Crips and the Bloods—together. To find out if those police officers are correct requires seeing Brown’s juvenile arrest record, which ought to be freely available given that he is dead and therefore has no right to privacy remaining.” [, 8/22/14]

  • Johnson: Obama Won Re-Election “By Cynically Scaring Dumb Black Voters” And Had A Degree Of Responsibility For The Church Shooting In South Carolina.According to a post by Charles C. Johnson, “Trayvon Martin gave us Dylann Roof and Barack Obama gave us Trayvon […] Black and progressive activists used the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman affair to push blacks to register to vote in the central key state of Florida. It worked, of course, with Romney losing Florida by 70,000 votes. Romney expressed surprise when he learned how many blacks voted massively for Obama. But he shouldn’t have been: Obama had gotten them angry by saying Trayvon Martin could have been his son. By cynically scaring dumb black voters—police killings of blacks is low by any objective measure—Obama was able to get them to the polls.” [, 7/3/15]


CMP Board Member Troy Newman Is An Anti-Abortion Extremist

Troy Newman Was A Board Member Of The Center For Medical Progress. According to Christian Newswire, “Operation Rescue President Troy Newman serves on the Board of Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress. During this investigation, Newman advised Daleiden, providing consultation services and material support.” [Christian Newswire, 7/14/15]


Newman Has Long Had An Agenda To Target Womens’ Health Workers Through Electronic Media

Newman “Explained To A Group Of Activists Gathered In A Downtown Holiday Inn That A Basic Method Of Shutting Down Clinics Is To ‘Collect Dirt’ On Them And Then Disseminate The Information.” According to the book The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right by Jon Shields, “Troy Newman explained to a group of activists gathered in a downtown Holiday Inn that a basic method of shutting down clinics is to ‘collect dirt’ on them and then disseminate the information. The first step involves significant research, including the acquisition of knowledge about zoning laws and codes on medical waste as well as any lawsuits or health department violations that have been filed against the abortion provider. Then, he said, this information should be brought to the attention of public officials, local media, and women entering the clinic.” [The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right, 2/22/09]

Operation Rescue Said Troy Newman Came Up With A Plan To “Document The Abuses” Of Abortion Clinics, “Expose Them To The Public, And Report Them To The Proper Authorities.” According to a post on Operation Rescue, “Over the years, it became obvious that there were few, if any abortion clinics that did not break the law. Newman knew that if he could document the abuses, expose them to the public, and report them to the proper authorities, it would be the abortionists that would be soon sitting behind bars. Newman was among the first to recognize the power of electronic media to reach millions of people with information that before was not possible.” [, accessed 7/15/15]


Newman Holds Extreme Views On Abortion And Womens’ Health Workers

Newman Shouted At A Clinic Director: “You’re A Profiteer On The Blood Of Babies, Sally… You’re Going To Go Down History With The Slave Owners And Nazis.” According to the book The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right by Jon Shields, “Outside the Hope Clinic for Women, Troy Newman, the director of ORW, showed the ropes to local activists interested in ORW’s methods. Newman yelled at the clinic director, Sally Burgess, ‘Sally, we’re going to expose you in your neighborhood if you don’t stop taking blood money!’ He then added, ‘You’re a profiteer on the blood of babies, Sally’ and ‘You’re going to go down in history with the slave owners and Nazis.’” [The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right, 2/22/09]

Newman Compared Workers At Abortion Clinics To Nazi Concentration Camp Doctor Josef Mengele And Said Banks Shouldn’t Take Their “Blood Money.” According to the Los Angeles Times, “‘If Josef Mengele came into a bank saying, ‘Here are a few gold teeth I ripped out of the Jews before I gassed them,’ the bank would be horrified. They’d say, ‘I’m not taking your blood money.’ That’s the picture of abortionists that we have to paint,’ [Troy] Newman said.” [Los Angeles Times, 2/17/04]

July 2015: Troy Newman Spoke On VCY America’s “Crosstalk” Program And Said “Terrible Weather Patterns… Our Economic Clout Has Been Taken Away… The Stock Market Is Artificially Inflated…” Were God’s Judgement Against America For Abortion. According to an interview with Troy Newman on VCY America’s “Crosstalk” Program captured by Right Wing Watch, “Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman joined Jim Schneider on VCY America’s ‘Crosstalk’ program last week to discuss his efforts to shut down abortion providers, who he said are bringing God’s judgment down on America. When a caller asked about God’s judgment for legal abortion, Newman responded that God doesn’t always make His displeasure known with ‘some sort of cataclysmic judgment, like the Flood’ but often comes ‘one step at a time, one small step until the people groan so heavily and they return back to God and then they’re slowly restored.’ ‘If you look at what’s going on in America….we’ve had some terrible weather patterns lately, our economic clout has been taken away, the stock market is artificially inflated, there’s a lot of people that are predicting collapse there, the dollar is a fiat currency, is on shaky ground, our moral decay, our morals have decayed so far, the attack on Christians and people of faith,’ he said.” [Right Wing Watch, 7/14/15]


Newman Has Sympathized That Murdering Womens’ Health Doctors Can Be Justified Under The Law

 According to a press release from Operation Rescue West, “There are many examples where taking the life in defense of innocent human beings is legally justified and permissible under the law. Paul Hill should have been given the opportunity to defend himself with the defense of his choosing in a court of law. Because he was denied this right, the full truth and motivations behind Hill’s actions were kept hidden from the jury. If Paul Hill’s life can be taken by the state without the full advantage of the protections afforded him by due process simply because of the unpopularity of his views, then we have to wonder who is next? No one is safe from being denied a defense by an out-of-control and biased judicial system. Execution under these circumstances is nothing less than murder of a political prisoner.” [Operation Rescue West Press Release, 9/3/03]

Newman “Reported That He Shows Up At Dr. Tiller’s Home On Major Holidays, Such As Christmas And Easter.” According to the book The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right by Jon Shields, “[Troy] Newman especially likes to catch abortion providers precisely when they feel most protected from public scrutiny. Newman reported that he shows up at Dr. Tiller’s home on major holidays, such as Christmas and Easter.” [The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right, 2/22/09]

Newman’s Operation Rescue West Said Paul Jennings Hill’s Murder Of A Doctor Who Provided Abortions Was “Necessary To Save The Lives Of The Pre-Born Babies That Were Scheduled To Be Killed By Abortion That Day.” According to a press release from Operation Rescue West, “Paul Jennings Hill is scheduled to die by lethal injection today in the state of Florida for the murder of a Pensacola abortionist and his security guard in 1994. The following is a joint statement released by Operation Rescue West and the California Life Coalition regarding today’s execution: ‘Today’s scheduled execution of Paul Hill is not justice, but is another example of the judicial tyranny that is gripping our nation. A Florida judge denied Rev. Hill his right to present a defense that claimed that the killing of the abortionist was necessary to save the lives of the pre-born babies that were scheduled to be killed by abortion that day. Our system of justice is based upon ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but in Rev. Hill’s case, there was no justice because the court prevented him from presenting the legal defense that his conduct was justifiable defensive action.’” [Operation Rescue West Press Release, 9/3/03]

Operation Rescue West Press Release: Paul Jennings Hill’s Murder Of A Doctor Who Provided Abortions Was A “Justifiable Defensive Action.” According to a press release from Operation Rescue West, “Paul Jennings Hill is scheduled to die by lethal injection today in the state of Florida for the murder of a Pensacola abortionist and his security guard in 1994. The following is a joint statement released by Operation Rescue West and the California Life Coalition regarding today’s execution: ‘Today’s scheduled execution of Paul Hill is not justice, but is another example of the judicial tyranny that is gripping our nation. A Florida judge denied Rev. Hill his right to present a defense that claimed that the killing of the abortionist was necessary to save the lives of the pre-born babies that were scheduled to be killed by abortion that day. Our system of justice is based upon ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but in Rev. Hill’s case, there was no justice because the court prevented him from presenting the legal defense that his conduct was justifiable defensive action.’” [Operation Rescue West Press Release, 9/3/03]

Newman Said Of Hill That He Did “Not Endorse His Form Of Protest And… Certainly, 100 Percent Do Not Want To See His Actions Repeated” But Said He Didn’t Receive A Fair Trial Because He “Was Unable To Delve Into His Antiabortion Sentiments.” According to the St. Petersburg Times, “‘I do not want to see Rev. Hill as a martyr and as an example for other prolife volunteers,’ said Troy Newman, a San Diego, Calif. antiabortion activist and head of Operation Rescue West. ‘Because I do not endorse his form of protest and I certainly, 100 percent do not want to see his actions repeated.’ Newman and Joe Scheidler, national director of the Pro-Life Action League, as well as Catholic Conference representatives and death penalty opponents, want Gov. Jeb Bush to stop Hill’s execution. They had different reasons. Newman and Scheidler, for example, didn’t think Hill got a fair trial because he was unable to delve into his antiabortion sentiments while defending himself for killing Britton, 69, and Barrett, 74, and injuring Barrett’s wife, June. Hill acted as his own attorney and has always said he wants to die for the cause.” [St. Petersburg Times, 8/26/03]


Through Protests And Stalking, Newman Wanted To Make Womens’ Health Care Workers Lives “Uncomfortable” And “Inhospitable”

Newman Went “Through Clinic Workers’ Trash To Figure Out Where They Do Business” And Trailed “Them At A Distance To Learn Their Routines.”According to the Los Angeles Times, “Bent on more aggressive confrontation, Troy Newman, president of the antiabortion group Operation Rescue West, moved his family here from Southern California two years ago. He then persuaded half a dozen like-minded friends to join him. […]Newman will pick through clinic workers’ trash to figure out where they do business; he’ll trail them at a distance to learn their routines.” [Los Angeles Times, 2/17/04]
Newman’s “Goal Is Not Just To Make” Clinic Workers’ “Lives Uncomfortable. He Wants To Unsettle And Disgust Their Friends And Associates.”
According to the Los Angeles Times, “His [Troy Newman’s] goal is not just to make their lives uncomfortable. He wants to unsettle and disgust their friends and associates, so their hairstylists and their pharmacists, even their neighbors, make it clear they’re not welcome in Wichita.” [Los Angeles Times, 2/17/04]

Newman’s Goal Was To Create “An Atmosphere So Inhospitable That No Nurse Or Doctor Or Secretary Can Bear It.” According to the Los Angeles Times, “He [Troy Newman] wants the abortions to stop, first in Wichita, then in cities across America. He insists it can happen if he creates an atmosphere so intolerant that no nurse or doctor or secretary can bear it.” [Los Angeles Times, 2/17/04]

Asked If Their Protests “Could Provoke Extremist Wrath,” A Member Of Newman’s Staff “Fell Silent” Then Said “It Is Very Inflammatory.” According to the Los Angeles Times, “Asked if the protests could provoke extremist wrath, Michele Herzog, an Operation Rescue West staff member, fell silent. ‘It is very inflammatory,’ she said.” [Los Angeles Times, 2/17/04]


Newman’s Operation Rescue Colleague Cheryl Sullenger Is An Anti-Choice Extremist Who Plead Guilty To Conspiracy To Bomb An Abortion Clinic And Was Tied To Dr. George Tiller’s Murderer

Cheryl Sullenger Was Senior Policy Advisor At Operation Rescue. According to a bio from Operation Rescue, “In 2003, Sullenger relocated to Wichita, Kansas, where she serves as Senior Policy Advisor to Operation Rescue. Sullenger conducted extensive research on abortionists around the nation. Her research and documentation has helped bring attention to the seedy underbelly of the abortion industry and has been instrumental in launching investigations and bringing disciplinary action against abortionists around the country.” [, accessed 7/21/15]

  • Sullenger Focused On Bringing “Attention To The Seedy Underbelly Of The Abortion Industry And Has Been Instrumental In Launching Investigations… Against Abortionists Around The Country.” According to a bio from Operation Rescue, “In 2003, Sullenger relocated to Wichita, Kansas, where she serves as Senior Policy Advisor to Operation Rescue. Sullenger conducted extensive research on abortionists around the nation. Her research and documentation has helped bring attention to the seedy underbelly of the abortion industry and has been instrumental in launching investigations and bringing disciplinary action against abortionists around the country.” [, accessed 7/21/15]

Cheryl Sullenger Tweet, May 29, 2015: “New Video: Abortionists Worship Satan (From Infowars.Com)” [Cheryl Sullenger – Twitter, 8/5/14]

Sullenger’s LinkedIn Groups Include “Exposing: AGENDA 21” And “Americans For Prosperity.” [Cheryl Sullenger – LinkedIn, accessed 7/21/15]

  • LinkedIn’s “Exposing: AGENDA 21” Group Profile: “Do You Like To Garden? Do You Take Vitamins? … Have You Considered A Garage Sale At Your Home? Well, All Of The Above Are Being Criminalized” By “Agenda 21.” According to Exposing: AGENDA 21 on LinkedIn, “Do you like to garden? Do you take vitamins? Would you like for your young children to be able to set up a lemonade stand in the summer? Have you considered a garage sale at your home? Well, all of the above are being criminalized. AGENDA 21 signed in 1992 by President George H W Bush in Rio has and is lowering our standard of living. This was the intention! Do you hear these buzz words daily: Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, Re-Wilding …… All these words come from the United Nations – Agenda 21 playbook. It will require you to surrender all your freedoms just to survive in this manufactured disaster. Do you enjoy your car? This too will be an evil instrument, not Smart or Sustainable and must be eliminated. Walk, bike or ride the bus is the ultimate Agenda 21 solution.” [Exposing: AGENDA 21 – LinkedIn, accessed 7/21/15]

Cheryl Sullenger Tweet, August 5, 2014: “If Abortionists Are Frightened b/c Of ‘Violence’ Yrs Ago, Shouldn’t Women Be Afraid Of Ab Mills That Have Killed 100s Or 1000s Of Women?” [Cheryl Sullenger – Twitter, 8/5/14]


Ties To Troy Newman

Sullenger Co-Authored Two Books With Troy Newman. According to a bio from Operation Rescue, “Sullenger is an accomplished writer and published author and editoralist. She co-authored Their Blood Cries Out! and Abortion Free with Newman, and has also written a number of other educational publications. She and her husband, Randall, have been married for 35 years, have two married daughters, and eight beautiful grandchildren.” [, accessed 7/21/15]

Sullenger Founded And Directed The California Life Coalition. According to a bio from Operation Rescue, “Cheryl Sullenger has been involved in the pro-life movement since 1984. She founded and directed the California Life Coalition in San Diego and worked with Troy Newman and Operation Rescue to help close over a dozen abortion clinics and influence over 40 abortionists to quit the abortion business.” [, accessed 7/21/15]

  • The California Life Coalition Worked With Troy Newman’s Operation Rescue West To Shut Down 18 Abortion Clinics In California. According to the book The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Rightby Jon Shields, “Although the rescue movement is largely history, the most vital remnant of the movement can be found in Wichita, Kansas, where Troy Newman and his staff at Operation Rescue West have learned to adapt to the new federal restrictions. […] Operation Rescue West is devoted to shutting down abortion clinics largely by harassing abortion providers. After moving operations from San Diego, where Operation Rescue West closed eighteen abortion clinics in collaboration with the now-defunct California Life Coalition, Newman and his staff have set their sights on what is easily regarded as the most infamous abortion clinic in pro-life circles.” [The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right, 2/22/09]


Conspiracy To Bomb A Clinic

Sullenger “Was Charged And Pled Guilty To Conspiracy To Damage An Abortion Clinic” In 1987 And Served Two Years In Federal Prison. According to a bio from Operation Rescue, “In a 1987 act she now regrets, Sullenger was charged and pled guilty to conspiracy to damage an abortion clinic. Even though the clinic was not damaged, Sullenger took responsibility for her actions, and served 2 years in Federal Prison.” [, accessed 7/21/15]

  • The Archived Version Of The Operation Rescue Website Shows This Mea Culpa Was Added Between September 22, 2010 And October 23, 2010; Prior Bios Made No Mention Of The Conviction. [ via archive.org9/22/10 & 10/23/10]

The Sullengers Were “The First … To Be Sentenced For Their Part In The Attempted Bombing Of The Family Planning Associates Medical Group. The Gasoline Bomb Failed To Go Off When The Wind Blew Out The Fuse.” According to the Los Angeles Times, “The Sullengers are the first of eight members of the fundamentalist Bible Missionary Fellowship in Santee to be sentenced for their part in the attempted bombing of the Family Planning Associates Medical Group on July 27. The gasoline bomb failed to go off when wind blew out the fuse.” [Los Angeles Times, 5/6/88]

Sullenger’s Attorney Argued She Was “‘Compelled And Constrained’ By Her Religious Beliefs To Act Against Abortion, Even If The Actions Were Illegal.” According to the Los Angeles Times, “Cheryl Sullenger’s attorney, Lloyd Tooks, argued that his client was ‘compelled and constrained’ by her religious beliefs to act against abortion, even if the actions were illegal.” [Los Angeles Times, 5/6/88]

Los Angeles Times: “The Indictment Says She Procured Gunpowder And Other Material For The Bomb, Then Gave” A Co-Conspirator “A Wig To Wear As A Disguise In The Plot.” According to the Los Angeles Times, “Cheryl Sullenger’s attorney, Lloyd Tooks, argued that his client was ‘compelled and constrained’ by her religious beliefs to act against abortion, even if the actions were illegal. The indictment says she procured gunpowder and other material for the bomb, then gave [Eric] Svelmoe a wig to wear as a disguise in the plot.” [Los Angeles Times, 5/6/88]


Ties To Murder Of Dr. George Tiller

Rachel Maddow: “Dr. Tiller’s Alleged Assassin, Scott Roeder, Was In Contact With The Extreme Anti-Abortion Group Operation Rescue In The Months Leading Up To Dr. Tiller’s Murder.” According to a segment from the Rachel Maddow Show, “Today, confirmation that Dr. Tiller’s alleged assassin, Scott Roeder, was in contact with the extreme anti-abortion group Operation Rescue in the months leading up to Dr. Tiller’s murder.” [Maddow Show via RH Reality Check, accessed 7/21/15]

  • Maddow: “Ms. Sullenger Has Now Admitted That She Did, In Fact, Have Multiple Phone Conversations With Scott Roeder Before Dr. Tiller Was Killed. Those Conversations Were About Dr. Tiller.” According to a segment on from the Rachel Maddow Show, “Ms. [Cheryl] Sullenger has now admitted that she did, in fact, have multiple phone conversations with Scott Roeder before Dr. Tiller was killed. Those conversations were about Dr. Tiller.” [Maddow Show via RH Reality Check, accessed 7/21/15]

Roeder Had Sullenger’s Phone Number Written On A Sheet Of Paper In His Car. According to The Pitch, “KMBC Channel 9 captured this shot of a phone number to anti-abortion group Operation Rescue inside the car of Scott Roeder, the man suspected of shooting and killing Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller Sunday morning at a Wichita church. The phone number is written on an envelope with the name ‘Cheryl’ and ‘Op Rescue.’ Cheryl is Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser, who in 1988 was convicted of conspiring to bomb a California abortion clinic.” [The Pitch, 6/1/09]

Cheryl Sullenger Tweet Regarding Newspaper Headline “Tiller Fund To Help Kansas Women”: “Tiller Was No Saint. This Is Blood Money!” [Cheryl Sullenger – Twitter, 8/5/14]

Roeder “Made A Point” Of Attending George Tiller’s Trial In 2009; He Was Given The Information On Court Dates By Sullenger. According to the Kansas City Star, “When Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller stood trial in March on charges he violated state law in providing late-term abortions, the man now accused of killing him made a point of attending the hearings. […]She said Roeder’s interest was in court hearings involving Tiller. ‘He would call and say, ‘When does court start? When’s the next hearing?’’ [Cheryl] Sullenger said. ‘I was polite enough to give him the information. I had no reason not to. Who knew? Who knew, you know what I mean?’” [Kansas City Star, 6/3/09]

Roeder Murdered George Tiller In His Church. According to the Kansas City Star, “Now, Roeder will face his own charges inside the same courthouse. Prosecutors say the 51-year-old man from a Kansas City suburb walked into Tiller’s church Sunday morning while the doctor was serving as an usher and shot him once in the face. District Attorney Nola Foulston said [Scott] Roeder was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder, not capital murder, because Tiller’s killing didn’t meet any of the criteria required in Kansas. Capital murder charges allow for the death penalty; first-degree murder can carry a life sentence.”

  • Operation Rescue Posted The Address Of Tiller’s Home And Church Online. According to a segment from the Rachel Maddow Show, “Operation Rescue maintained and still maintains something that they call ‘Tiller Watch’ on their website. Allies of Dr. Tiller in Kansas say that until recently Operation Rescue also posted online the doctor’s real home address and the address of his church, which of course is where Dr. Tiller was ultimately murdered this weekend, allegedly by Scott Roeder.” [Maddow Show via RH Reality Check, accessed 7/21/15]
  • Operation Rescue’s 2006 “Tiller Report”: “Perhaps His Membership At Reformation Lutheran Church, Located At 7601 East 13thStreet, Wichita, Kansas 67206 Had Some Impact On These Lectures.” According to Operation Rescue’s Tiller Report, “Perhaps his [Dr. Tiller’s] membership at Reformation Lutheran Church, located at 7601 East 13th Street, Wichita, Kansas 67206, had some impact on these lectures. (We will discuss Tiller’s relationship with this church in more detail later.) Tiller euphemistically refers to abortion as ‘reproductive ministry’ and as almost a ‘sacred experience’ that places one on a pathway to understanding, growth, and spiritual recovery.” [Operation Rescue, 2006]


Albin Rhomberg

Ties To Center For Medical Progress

Albin Rhomberg Was The Chief Financial Officer Of The Center For Medical Progress. According to the Center for Medical Progress’s Initial Registration Form for the California Office of the Attorney General, Albin Rhomberg was the Chief Financial Officer of the Center for Medical Progress. [Center for Medical Progress Initial Registration, 3/29/13]


Previous Organized Anti-Choice Activities

Nation: Rhomberg “Spearheaded A Campaign In 2006 To Get Mandatory Parental Notification For Minors Seeking Abortion Into Law In California (The Ballot Measure Failed.)” According to the Nation, “Also included in the California document is the less-well-known Albin Rhomberg, who spearheaded a campaign in 2006 to get mandatory parental notification for minors seeking abortion into law in California. (The ballot measure failed.) As part of this campaign, Rhomberg claimed that allowing minors to abort their pregnancies is about ‘protecting men who sexually abuse children.’” [Nation, 7/16/15]

  • Nation: Rhomberg “Claimed That Allowing Minors To Abort Their Pregnancies Is About ‘Protecting Men Who Sexually Abuse Children.’” According to the Nation, “[Rhomberg] spearheaded a campaign in 2006 to get mandatory parental notification for minors seeking abortion into law in California. (The ballot measure failed.) As part of this campaign, Rhomberg claimed that allowing minors to abort their pregnancies is about ‘protecting men who sexually abuse children.’” [Nation, 7/16/15]
  • Rhomberg Cited Undercover Planned Parenthood Sting Videos In 2006 Campaign. According to Salon, “Supporters of Proposition 85 are attempting to convince voters that requiring parental notification is crucial to preventing older men from taking advantage of underage girls. They say that abortion providers like Planned Parenthood routinely stand by while girls as young as 13 are preyed upon by grown men who seduce them, get them pregnant, and then bring them into clinics for abortions, all without the girls’ parents having a clue. To make their case, they’ve dug up recordings of phone calls made four years ago by antiabortion group Life Dynamics that supposedly show Planned Parenthood employees ignoring laws that require them to report to authorities any suspicion of abuse — including statutory rape. ‘The tapes prove pretty unequivocally that Planned Parenthood is protecting men who sexually abuse children,’ insists Albin Rhomberg, spokesperson for the Yes on 85 campaign. ‘In short, they’re engaging in predator protection, and that’s outrageous.’” [Salon, 11/4/06]


Rhomberg-Supported Parental Notification Laws Failed Three Times In California Initiative Elections

2008: Rhomberg Was Spokesperson For Failed Prop. 4 Ballot Measure On Parental Notification; Pledged To “Go Forward” Despite Defeat. According to the Contra Costa Times, “After three strikes at the ballot box, proponents of parental notification before teen abortions say they’re still not out. ‘We almost feel an obligation to go forward,’ Proposition 4 spokesman Albin Rhomberg said Thursday, adding supporters are ‘heartened and encouraged’ by Tuesday’s results despite the measure’s defeat. ‘We do feel we’ve made progress, we do feel we’ve gotten significant benefit from the campaign because more people know about it.’” [Contra Costa Times, 11/9/08]

2006: Rhomberg Was A Spokesman For Prop. 85. According to the New York Sun, “Senator Clinton is lending her voice, quite literally, to a campaign to defeat a California ballot initiative that would require teenage girls seeking abortions to notify a parent or get a waiver from a judge. About 250,000 Californians received automated phone messages yesterday in which Mrs. Clinton warned about the dangers of the proposed parental notification law, according to opponents of the measure, which goes before voters next month as Proposition 85. ‘It looks like Hillary’s moving pretty far to the other side now,’ a spokesman for the Yes on 85 effort, Albin Rhomberg, said.” [New York Sun, 10/19/06]

2005: Rhomberg Was A Spokesman For The Group Responsible For Placing Prop. 73 On The Ballot. According to the Associated Press, “The lawsuits, filed in Sacramento Superior Court by Proposition 73’s sponsors and by a pro-abortion rights group called Campaign for Teen Safety, specifically take aim at the rebuttal arguments the opposing group submitted for the upcoming ballot guide. In it, each group offers its view of the ballot initiative’s potential impact. […] ‘It is illegal to present such false material because it costs several million dollars for the secretary of state to produce the official voter information guide and in several languages,’ said Albin Rhomberg, a spokesman for the pro-amendment campaign.” [Associated Press, 8/5/05]


Rhomberg Has A Long History Of Anti-Choice Activism

Nation: Rhomberg “Reportedly Shows Up To Scream At Women At The Sacramento Planned Parenthood On The Regular.” According to the Nation, “[Albin] Rhomberg, like [Troy] Newman, is deep in the world of anti-abortion protest and reportedly shows up to scream at women at the Sacramento Planned Parenthood on the regular.” [Nation, 7/16/15]

1997: Albin Rhomberg Filed Suit Against The University Of California As A Student Objecting To The School Using A Portion Of His Mandatory Fees To Fund Abortions. According to the Associated Press, “The Supreme Court today refused to revive a lawsuit filed by some University of California students who object to the school’s using a portion of their mandatory fees to pay for other students’ abortions. The justices, without comment, let stand rulings that force the objecting students to continue paying the full amount of their fees or face expulsion. The suit was filed in late 1977 by three students _ Susan Erzinger, Margaret Patton, and Albin Rhomberg _ after they had informed university officials that they did not want any portion of the student fees they paid to fund abortions obtained by other students.” [Associated Press, 6/20/83]

  • A State Judge Threw The Suit Out And An Appeals Court Upheld The Suit’s Dismissal. According to the Associated Press, “A state judge in San Diego threw out the suit, and the dismissal was upheld by a state appeals court. ‘The right to free exercise of religion does not justify refusal to pay taxes … Similarly, the First Amendment (protection of religious beliefs) does not prohibit the university from requiring all students, regardless of religion, to pay fees for general student support services,’ the appeals court said. ‘The fact (the suing students) object on religious grounds to some of the services the university provides is not a basis upon which (they) can claim a constitutional right not to pay a part of the fees,’ that court ruled.” [Associated Press, 6/20/83]

1996: Albin Rhomberg Requested To Speak, As An Independent Anti-Abortion Activist, Against Janice Rogers Brown’s Nomination To The California Supreme Court Because Of Her Views On Abortion. According to the Metropolitan News Enterprise, “The California Pro-Life Medical Association has sent the Judicial Council a letter opposing the nomination of Janice Rogers Brown as justice to the state Supreme Court, criticizing Brown for never having ‘written anything in defense of the right to life,’ the MetNews learned yesterday. Dr. Philip B. Dreisbach, secretary of the California Pro- Life Medical Association and author of the letter, told the MetNews that neither he or any other member of his organization will be testifying against Brown at her nomination hearing in San Francisco tomorrow. According to the Judicial Council’s list of witnesses for that hearing, only Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Victor Reichman and Albin Rhomberg, a Sacramento physicist and independent anti-abortion activist, have requested to speak against Brown’s confirmation.” [Metropolitan News Enterprise, 5/1/96]

  • Metropolitan News Enterprise: “Rhomberg Said He Was Opposed To Brown Solely Because He Assumed That As A Wilson Appointee, She Was A Supporter Of Abortion Rights.” According to the Metropolitan News Enterprise, “[Albin] Rhomberg said he was opposed to Brown solely because he assumed that as a Wilson appointee, she was a supporter of abortion rights.” [Metropolitan News Enterprise, 5/3/96]

1996: Rhomberg Previously Spoke Against Justice Ming Chin’s Confirmation For The Same Reason. According to the Metropolitan News Enterprise, “[Albin] Rhomberg testified against the confirmation of state Supreme Court Justice Ming Chin at his confirmation hearing in March. At that hearing, Rhomberg and nearly a dozen other anti-abortion activists criticized Chin for publicly stating that he supported a woman’s right to choose abortion.” [Metropolitan News Enterprise, 5/1/96]


Rhomberg Repeatedly Uses Nazi Comparisons When Talking About Abortions

In A Radio Maria Interview, Rhomberg Repeatedly Referred To The “American Holocaust” And To Abortions As A “Holocaust.” [Albin Rhomberg – Radio Maria Interview, 10/21/14]

Rhomberg Compared America Negatively To The Nazi Sobibor Extermination Camp. According to an interview with Albin Rhomberg on Radio Maria, “I sometimes use the comparison because sometimes you have to speak by analogy. One of the most infamous Nazi death camps which just did exterminations, it wasn’t a labor camp, was Sobibor. And it did a quarter million abortions. And we have that many abortions every year here. Year after year, the years roll by. And the conditions are now actually getting worse.” [Albin Rhomberg – Radio Maria Interview, 10/21/14]

Rhomberg “Gained Entry To The L.A. County Coroner’s Office” Where He Took Pictures Of Aborted Fetuses, Which Were Published With The Headline “American Holocaust.” According to an opinion by Madonna University Associate Professor of Theology Monica Miller for the New Oxford Review, “This body find was the occasion of some of the most disturbing abortion-victim photography ever shot when pro-life activist Albin Rhomberg, equipped with a 35-millimeter camera, gained entry to the L.A. County coroner’s office. His shocking photos were published in a widely distributed mini-newspaper with the headline ‘American Holocaust.’” [Monica Miller – New Oxford Review, 9/13]


Pete Wilson Lawsuit

Rhomberg “Sued California Governor Pete Wilson,” Claiming That His Free Speech Was Violated When He Was “Arrested For Disrupting The Religious Service At The Governor’s 1991 Inauguration.” According to the Nation, “In 1996, [Albin] Rhomberg sued California Governor Pete Wilson, claiming that the governor had suppressed his free speech rights after Rhomberg and other anti-choice protesters were arrested for disrupting the religious service at the governor’s 1991 inauguration.” [Nation, 7/16/15]

  • Rhomberg And The Protestors “Were Hauled Out Of The Service… Screaming About How It Was Sacrilegious For A Catholic Cathedral To Host The Nondenominational Service For A Pro-Choice Politician Like Wilson.” According to the Nation, “Protesters were hauled out of the service, of which [Pete] Wilson had attended, screaming about how it was sacrilegious for a Catholic cathedral to host the nondenominational service for a pro-choice politician like Wilson.” [Nation, 7/16/15]

Rhomberg’s Lawsuit Named Wilson, Russel Colliau, Marty Wilson, Bob White, Pete Wilson Inaugural Committee, P. Dowdin, Duane Lowe, R. Bartucco, J.E. Everett, P.D. Hardner, W.E. Macdonald, A. Perez, D.H. Peters, Daniel Lungren, City Of Sacramento, Peter Ostergar, James Pennell, Monty Hensley, Karen Mcgagin, Tom Cooper, And Gregory Twilling As Defendents. [, accessed 7/23/15]

Rhomberg Appealed The 9th Circuit Court’s Decision To The Supreme Court, Certiorari Was Denied On October 10, 1997. [, accessed 7/23/15]

All Of The Defendants Moved For Summary Judgement Against Rhomberg Because Of “Qualified Immunity, Lack Of Either Municipal Or Supervisory Liability, Or A Lack Of Standing.” According to the decision in Rhomberg v. Wilson et al from Open Jurist, “Appellants brought this action under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, together with several pendent state tort claims, against Governor Pete Wilson, various members of his campaign staff, his inaugural and campaign committees and their individual volunteers and members, California state police officers, Sacramento city police officers and the City of Sacramento, alleging violation of their First Amendment right to speak and their Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable seizure. They also sued California Attorney General Daniel E. Lungren and California Chief of Police Duane Lowe to enjoin the enforcement of and to declare unconstitutional Cal.Penal Code Ann. § 302, which prohibits the disruption of a religious service. All of the defendants moved for summary judgment asserting qualified immunity, lack of either municipal or supervisorial liability, or lack of standing.” [Rhomberg v. Wilson et al via Open Jurist, 2/18/97]

The District Court “Granted Summary Judgment To All The Defendants Except For” Three Police Officers And A Volunteer; But A Jury Trial Returned A Verdict In Favor Of Those Defendants As Well. According to the decision in Rhomberg v. Wilson et al from Open Jurist, “The district court granted summary judgment to all defendants except for state police officers Bartucco and Ostergar, Campaign Committee volunteer Russell Colliau, and City police officer Dowden. After a nine-day trial, a jury returned a verdict in favor of these defendants.” [Rhomberg v. Wilson et al via Open Jurist, 2/18/97]

Rhomberg And The Other Appellants Attempted To “Claim Third-Party Standing To Vindicate The Rights Of The Unborn.” According to the decision in Rhomberg v. Wilson et al from Open Jurist, “Appellants also claim third-party standing to vindicate the rights of the unborn.” [Rhomberg v. Wilson et al via Open Jurist, 2/18/97]

  • Decision: “Even If We Conceded For The Purpose Of Argument That The Unborn Were Third-Parties For Purposes Of This Lawsuit,” The Supreme Court Has A General Rule Against Third-Party Standing. According to the decision in Rhomberg v. Wilson et al from Open Jurist, “Even if we conceded for the purpose of argument that the unborn were third-parties for purposes of this lawsuit, appellants offer no evidence or reasoning as to why their claim should cause us to depart from the U.S. Supreme Court’s general rule that: ‘Ordinarily, one may not claim standing … to vindicate the constitutional rights of some third party.’ Barrows v. Jackson, 346 U.S. 249, 255 (1953). Summary judgment dismissing claims against these defendants was proper.” [Rhomberg v. Wilson et al via Open Jurist,2/18/97]