Independence Virginia PAC: “A Kick In The Teeth”

Independence Virginia PAC hits former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D) over a set of cuts to public education he proposed during his tenure, paraphrasing a local supervisor to call the cuts “a kick in the teeth.” But the ad glosses over the devastating recession that cut short state revenues, forcing Kaine to propose tough cuts in virtually every sector, and the fact that Kaine’s successor approved a budget with even larger education cuts in order to avoid tax increases.

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The Week In Conservative Attack Ads

It’s no surprise that conservative outside groups are ramping up their ad spending as November approaches. Counting spots released last Friday afternoon, we fact-checked 36 conservative attack ads this week, our highest one-week tally yet. The large total was driven by an increased focus on House races, which accounted for two-thirds of the ads we answered.

Once again, Karl Rove’s groups dominated the airwaves. As it does most weeks, American Crossroads issued a new attack on President Obama, this one attempting to undermine clear signs that the economy is picking up. Meanwhile, Crossroads GPS targeted eight House candidates go to along with six Senate candidates, which notably included Maine independent Angus King.

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Independence Virginia PAC: “No Surprise”

An ad from Independence Virginia PAC, a Bob Perry-backed super PAC formed to oppose Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine (D), suggests taxes proposed by the former governor are to blame for the rise in unemployment rate during his tenure, and claims Kaine “left Virginia with a $4.2 billion deficit.” In reality, Kaine balanced the budget before leaving office, even though the state’s revenues suffered due to the recession, which was also responsible for driving up the unemployment rate both in Virginia and nationally. The taxes Kaine proposed while in office, meanwhile, were primarily ideas on how to pay for much-needed transportation upgrades that the state’s GOP wanted to finance with long-term borrowing, and despite the ad’s use of a poorly worded debate statement, Kaine does not currently support raising taxes on low-income earners.

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