E.W. Jackson: Obama Is “Not A Christian,” Thinks He’s “Smarter Than God”

In an interview with the Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Bishop E.W. Jackson said:

President Barack Obama is not a Christian. He’s not a Christian. Now it’s just that plain and simple. You say, “Well who are you? How do you have the right?” Well the Bible says, “By their fruits shall you know them,” and it’s clear from everything he says and everything he does that Christianity is not part of his thinking. The proof is there for anybody who wants to see it so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to us. For example, he stood in Cairo and said we’re not a Christian nation. Now what Christian thinks of America and wants to declare to the Muslim nations we’re not a Christian nation? He has said he doesn’t believe the Bible, they are esoteric texts that he doesn’t bother with because those couldn’t possibly be right. He said we should all admire same-sex marriage. Now the Bible condemns it. Doesn’t condemn the people but it condemns the behavior. He says we should admire it. So that means he thinks he’s obviously smarter than the Bible and smarter than God. Now, no Christian, even if we don’t quite live up to all that the Bible calls us to do, is gonna stand up and say, “Well, I’ve got a better idea, and we ought to think about it this way rather than that way.”