A few other things Mike Pence “denied” and “rejected”

Vice President Mike Pence has a habit of denying and rejecting things right before they are proven true. This weekend, he and his allies threw a fit when the New York Times reported on Pence’s “shadow campaign” ahead of the 2020 election. Pence and his team quickly flew into cleanup mode, blasting the Times as “fake news” and characterizing the article’s allegations as “disgraceful and offensive” — in other words, ensuring that Trump would see hundreds of headlines registering Pence’s forceful “rejection” and “denials” of the report.

Given how nervous Pence seemed about stamping down rumors — before Trump catches on to Pence’s months of well-documented wining and dining GOP CEOs and megadonors — one can’t help but wonder whether Pence has something to hide.

So with that, here are other things Pence has “rejected” and “denied,” despite a preponderance of evidence.