VIDEO: American Bridge Releases GOP Fact Check on Women’s Health, “Hands Off Our Care”

Today, Bridge Project unveiled a new campaign to push back against Republican attacks on women’s health care – which can be found in their new ACA repeal bill. While Republicans claim that community health clinics can take the place of Planned Parenthood services, the facts say otherwise.

The campaign features a web video fact check of Republicans’ assertion that community health clinics could replace Planned Parenthood.

“For decades, women have trusted Planned Parenthood to help keep them healthy. The GOP seems hell-bent on getting rid of what is sometimes the only health care option for women,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Ripping away health care options for women will have detrimental effects in communities all over the country. Women and families are already struggling to make ends meet and Republicans’ siege on health care will only make it harder for families to access the health care they deserve.”

Bridge earlier released a report that details how most community health centers don’t have the capacity nor do they offer the breadth of services that Planned Parenthood offers. It includes examples of the repercussions in communities where Planned Parenthood clinics were closed: increased number of unplanned pregnancies, less health care coverage for women, and STI outbreaks. Visit to see more.


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