AFP Speaker: ACA Will Lead To “Mandated Abortion”

From Dr. Anni Bukacek’s remarks at an Americans For Prosperity “Tester Truth Tour” rally on June 19:

I’ve given you a handout. I went from 70 slides down to about 20, and I’m not going to go through all of those slides because it would take about 5-15 minutes on each slide. So I’m just going to talk real briefly, if you look at the second slide it gives you some of the contents that I’m just gonna briefly go over, and I’m just gonna—I mean it’s really true they really are going to have access to your bank accounts. Honestly they already have that, but there is going to be more IRS intrusion, there’s going to be more rationing of care and mandated abortion, those kind of things, also the impact on it, which is slide three, those kinds of things really are going to happen. Health care quality is going to go down the tube, and then I’m just going to say real briefly that the people that need health care the most are the ones that are going to be most hurt by Obamacare. It’s true in every country where there’s government-run health care, it’s always the premature babies, the elderly, and the sick that get hurt the most, so that’s the tragedy, it’s an absolute fact. Every single government-run health care program that happens. But the thing is that one of the reasons I’m only spending 30 seconds to a minute on those details when I’m going to spend a little more time on other things is that they say the devil’s in the details, but actually the devil’s at the root of this thing. I mean this thing is rotten to the core.