Who Else Supports Cliven Bundy’s Cause? The Koch-Backed Americans For Prosperity

Cliven Bundy’s racist rant and recent support from prominent Republicans like Rand Paul and Rick Perry may have made the front page of the New York Times, but lesser known is the support Bundy’s cause has received from the Koch brother’s primary political enterprise, Americans For Prosperity. AFP’s Nevada and Colorado affiliates have repeatedly come to the defense of Bundy’s cause, attacking the Bureau of Land Management and its actions via social media. Who will be next on AFP’s list of causes to defend?


AFP Nevada Posted Facebook Graphic Criticizing Bureau Of Land Management For Enforcement Actions Against Bundy. According to a Facebook graphic posted by AFP Nevada, “The BLM spent HOW MUCH to round up cattle? ONE MILLION DOLLARS.” [AFP Nevada, Facebook Page, viewed 4/24/14]

AFP Nevada Promoted Twitter Handle #BundyBattle Along With #BigGovt. On its Twitter feed, AFP Nevada tweeted “The #BundyBattle is heating up in Nevada. Read more here: http://bit.ly/1kO7Ntw #biggovt #tcot.” [AFP Nevada, 4/10/14]

AFP Nevada Tweeted That It Had A “Bone To Pick” With The Bureau Of Land Management Over Its Enforcement Actions Against Bundy. On its Twitter feed, AFP Nevada tweeted “We’ve got a bone to pick with @BLMNV. $1million to move cattle?? http://bit.ly/1kO7Ntw  #BundyBattle #tcot #PJNET” [AFP Nevada, 4/10/14]

Americans For Prosperity Was Founded By David Koch. According to FactCheck.org, “Founded by billionaire businessman and conservative/libertarian political activist David Koch, Americans for Prosperity has emerged as one of the most influential conservative issue advocacy groups on the national and state political scene. A major force behind the Tea Party movement, AFP seeks to support free markets and entrepreneurship by advocating lower taxes and limited government spending and regulation.” [FactCheck.org, 10/10/11]

David Koch Is Chairman Of Americans For Prosperity Foundation. According to Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s website, which lists David Koch as “Chairman,” “David Koch is the executive vice president and a member of the board of directors for Koch Industries, Inc., based in Wichita, Kansas. He helped found Americans For Prosperity, and also serves on the board of directors for the Reason Foundation and the CATO Institute. David was the Libertarian Party candidate for vice president of the United States in 1980. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemical engineering from MIT.”  [AmericansForProsperityFoundation.com, accessed 3/17/14]

Koch-Backed “Freedom Partners” Contributed 32.3 Million To Americans For Prosperity In 2012. According to Politico, “The group, Freedom Partners, and its president, Marc Short, serve as an outlet for the ideas and funds of the mysterious Koch brothers,” and contributed 32.3 million to Americans for Prosperity in 2012. [Politico, 9/11/13]