BREAKING: White House Legislative Director Marc Short admits people with preexisting conditions will face higher premiums under Graham-Cassidy-Heller

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after White House Legislative Director Mark Short admitted that Cassidy-Graham-Heller would force Americans with preexisting conditions to pay higher premiums, breaking with unsubstantiated denials coming from the bill’s sponsor’s. 

“The White House finally admitted what doctors, hospitals, patient advocates, and numerous other nonpartisan experts have been warning Senate Republicans about in the strongest terms: that Cassidy-Graham-Heller would take us back to the days when insurance companies could charge Americans with preexisting conditions like cancer much higher premiums.  This Trumpcare bill is a partisan disaster, and Americans who need medical coverage deserve better than a state-by-state crap shoot.”

CHRIS WALLACE: And in fact, it says states can raise premiums for coverage for preexisting conditions without any guidelines.  There’s no question it’s going to be higher in some states than it is under Obamacare.

MARC SHORT: There’s going to be some states higher, some states lower, Chris. Do you want Washington D.C. sitting…

CHRIS WALLACE: So, if you’ve got preexisting conditions in a state where it’s higher, you’re out of luck?

MARC SHORT: No, you’re not necessarily out of luck, Chris.  You’re going to make sure that the vast majority of Americans are going to benefit from having lower costs.  It doesn’t mean that every single individual will have a lower premium, because that is not what we want Washington D.C. doing.  We want states to have the flexibility to determine that for their own people.