Bridge Project Takes-On Back Room Senate Trumpcare Bill With Digital  Ad Campaign

As Senate Republicans finally unveil the Trumpcare bill that they have been writing behind closed doors, Bridge Project is launching a new digital ad campaign targeting 6 Republican senators across the country and underlining the painful costs that Trumpcare would have for their constituents.

To view Bridge Project’s new ad, “Don’t Gut Our Healthcare,” click HERE. ​

This ad will run in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, and West Virginia.

“Republicans can run but they can’t hide from this disastrous bill they’re trying to keep secret,” said American Bridge founder David Brock. “Cowardly tricks and operating behind closed doors with lobbyists won’t work. The reality is that Trumpcare would take health insurance from millions and effectively gut coverage for preexisting conditions in order to cut taxes for the rich, and we’re going to make sure the public knows the truth.”

As polls continue to show Trumpcare consistently becoming more unpopular, Senate Republicans have resorted to writing this bill in complete secrecy, without a single committee hearing, making their criticism of the much more transparent Affordable Care Act process (which, by contrast, included nearly 100 public hearings) strikingly hypocritical.

Despite Republicans’ attempts to keep the American public from knowing what the Senate Trumpcare bill would mean for their lives, leaks indicated and today’s release confirmed that it will have the same devastating impacts on families as the House version.

Within the last month, we have learned that the House Trumpcare bill would cost 23 million people their health insurance, cause healthcare costs to skyrocket, cripple coverage for people with preexisting conditions like cancer, and even kill jobs in every state.

It is exactly because of these revelations that Senate Republicans have only written their duplicate of this bill in back rooms and without transparency. One Republican aide even said they weren’t letting the public see their bill last week because they “aren’t stupid.”