Mike Rounds shows Republicans’ hand on so-called “skinny” repeal

“Mike Rounds just admitted what everyone else already knows to be true: this so-called ‘skinny’ repeal is a disaster, and Republicans are only pushing it because they don’t want to be exposed as the failures they are.  Trying to find a craven way to pass the buck and vote for it anyway is about as cynical as you can get, which speaks to how ​low ​Republicans are sinking to rubber-stamp Donald Trump’s agenda.

“It’s long past time for McConnell to scrap the theatrics and work on a bipartisan plan to improve the existing law. Booting millions from their insurance is not an answer,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. 

Liz Goodwin, Yahoo News, 7/27/2017“Sen Rounds says he’s asked for a guarantee house won’t pass skinny before conference or a delay in implementation if it passes”