New Digital Ads on Senate Obstructionist Chuck Grassley As He Returns to Washington

Monday, April 4, 2016
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New Digital Ads on Senate Obstructionist Chuck Grassley As He Returns to Washington
Ads Show Grassley’s Hypocrisy and Capitulation to Donald Trump’s “Delay, Delay, Delay” Strategy

Returning from a two-week recess full of testy confrontations with constituents upset over his strict obstructionism on the Supreme Court vacancy, Senator Chuck Grassley is now the subject of Bridge Project digital ads highlighting his baffling hypocrisy on the issue.

American Bridge Vice President Eddie Vale released the following statement on Bridge Project’s ads featuring Grassley’s past advocacy of a fair nomination process:

“Senator Grassley has already stained his legacy by embracing petty partisan politics on the Supreme Court vacancy. We’d hoped his recess constituent interactions would trigger a moment of clarity and cause him to realize that voters just want him and his colleagues to do their job, but he sadly appears as committed as ever to partisan posturing.

“The distinguished hypocrite seems to have forgotten his past advocacy of a fair nomination process and an up-or-down vote on Supreme Court nominees. He’s instead embraced Donald Trump’s ‘delay, delay, delay’ strategy and disgraced himself by refusing to even sit down with President Obama’s nominee, let alone carry out his constitutional obligation to hold hearings and a vote on the nomination.

“We’re hoping our ads will jar Grassley’s apparently clouded memory and give him yet another reminder that all Iowans and the American people want is for him to do his job and subject Merrick Garland to a fair nomination process.”

Bridge Project’s web ads are available here:

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