TRADE WAR WATCH: The Week In Trade War News

As Trump’s trade war intensifies, voters across the country are reading about the tariffs’ brutal effects on farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses — and they’re seeing Republican candidates fail to stand up to Trump’s reckless policies.

In Kentucky, WHAS News reports, “Soybean farmers in Indiana and Kentucky could earn hundreds of millions of dollars less this year if prices do not rebound soon.”

In Indiana, grain and beef cattle farmer Dale Whittsit says, “To say that it’s going to get better, that doesn’t do any good. With the farm economy as it is, some farmers may not be around next year.”

In Florida, with hurricane season underway, WEAR TV reports the price of hurricane shutters is on the rise, and “customers could pay at least 20-percent more because of the tariff.”

And in Spartanburg, South Carolina, major employer BMW has said “it might cut investment and production in Spartanburg if selling its American-made sport-utility vehicles abroad became too expensive.”
Here’s just a sample of what voters across the country have seen in the past five days:

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