FRC’s Perkins Compares “Religious Freedom” Issue To Hurricane Isaac

On August 29, the Media Research Center‘s interviewed Family Research Council president Tony Perkins about “religious freedom” and the presidential election:

PERKINS: I see religious freedom as really a swirling storm, not unlike Isaac that’s been out here in the gulf, that, you know, people are feeliing the effects of, they’re seeing it. The Republican Party platform addresses it. Of course, the president can’t really address it because he is the one who’s facilitating it with his mandate, through his health care, we’ve got more companies filing suit against the administration over the health care mandate. So it is a fundamental issue. People understand, while they may not be solely focused on religious freedom, Americans understand our first freedom is a fundamental freedom upon which our other freedoms rest.

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NumbersUSA: “Fall 2012 TV Ad”

An ad from NumbersUSA, a nativist group that presses for lower legal immigration, uses an inept rap song to suggest that recent college graduates are unable to find jobs because immigrants are taking them. There is virtually no evidence to back this up; immigrants expand the economy by creating additional demand, thereby creating new jobs and driving up wages for native workers.

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60 Plus Association: “We Still Do”

60 Plus attacks Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine for supporting the Affordable Care Act, making a series of untruthful assertions about the law’s impact on seniors. In fact, the ACA does not “give bureaucrats the power to deny” care. Moreover, the health care law’s reductions in future Medicare spending do not ‘cut’ benefits for seniors, and they actually prevent the program from “going bankrupt” sooner. Finally, while 60 plus insists that the ACA “makes things worse for seniors,” the group neglects to mention that it closes the prescription drug “donut hole” and provides free preventive care for millions of Medicare beneficiaries.

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Americans For Prosperity: “Stop Spending Our Future”

An from Americans for Prosperity accuses Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) of spending future generations into debt, citing his votes in favor of the Recovery Act and the “$2 trillion health care law.” But the stimulus helped drag the economy back from the brink of an even greater recession, while the Affordable Care Act actually reduces the deficit.

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Judson Phillips: Dems Support System That Produces “Tyranny” And “Occasionally Mass Murder”

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips made the following comments during a speech at Unity Rally 2012, on July 26 in Tampa Bay, FL:

That flame of freedom has stood as a beacon for the world. We have given the world hope. This nation has done more good, for more people, than any other nation in the world, and this is the nation that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi want to diminish and destroy. Today, freedom and liberty stand in opposition to socialism. You know the primary products of the system that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi love so well are poverty, tyranny, and occasionally mass murder. These are the fruits of socialism, and to the socialists we have simply one word: No! Friends, we are not going to go quietly into that dark night of socialist tyranny. We are not going to let that lamp of liberty be extinguished by those who believe in government of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites. We will not stand by while they have government of the cronies, by the cronies, and for the cronies. We are free Americans and we shall stay free! [via Right Wing Watch]

Concerned Women for America: “Can’t Afford Tester”

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee attacks Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) for voting “to spend trillions we just don’t have,” citing his support for the health care law and the stimulus. But the Affordable Care Act reduces the deficit, while the Recovery Act created jobs, cut taxes, and helped avert an even greater recession.

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60 Plus Association: “Wisconsin – Good Look”

An ad from the 60 Plus Association draws a comparison between Wisconsin, where the ad claims “tough choices” were made to “balance the budget,” and Washington, where Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D) supported the Recovery Act and health care reform. But Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) “balanced” budget relied on delayed payments and didn’t conform to the accounting standards he promised he would use, while the Affordable Care Act reduces the federal deficit and the Recovery Act helped avert an even more devastating recession.

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MRC’s Bozell: Denying Climate Science Isn’t “Anti-Science”

From an August 23, 2012, interview Media Research Center president Brent Bozell gave on Fox News’ Hannity:

BOZELL: When your – look, here’s the left’s mantra. When your faith comports with a liberal ideology, i.e. a liberation theology, it’s a good thing. When your faith comports with traditional values, it’s a controversial thing. So Ryan is definitely controversial. And here’s something else that’s going on. Anybody who has a belief in God, a faith, according to this left-wing mantra, is anti-science. But what they’re also trying to do is turn anyone who is against their scientific worldview as being anti-science. So if you don’t agree with their position on global warming, you’re anti-science. If you don’t believe in their position on embryonic stem cell research, then you’re anti-science. So that’s the game that they’re playing. I think you can be pro-faith and pro-science at the same time.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): And their morality too on redistribution, notice liberals are generous with other people’s money. You know, will rob the future generations, our kids and grandkids, will steal from their piggy banks, because they thinking it’s the morally right thing to do. I don’t think that’s the moral thing to do. I think we ought to leave them a surplus, not a deficit.

BOZELL: These attacks going to backfire.

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American Future Fund: “Tomorrow”

A dramatic ad from the American Future Fund features a woman describing her worries about the economy, her husband’s job, stimulus spending, and debt, but getting a lot of details wrong as she blames New Mexico Senate candidate Martin Heinrich for the her woes. The ad cites an article about a Recovery Act-funded car company building cars in Finland, but all the money loaned to that business supported work done in the U.S. Four-and-a-half million private-sector jobs have been added over the last 29 straight months of unemployment, and it was Bush policies and the recession that drove up the debt.

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Americans For Prosperity: “Washington-Style Reform”

Americans for Prosperity hits Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) for supporting the Affordable Care Act, repeating multiple falsehoods in the process. The ad claims that the health care law ‘costs too much,’ but it actually reduces the deficit. AFP complains that the ACA “took over $700 billion from Medicare, which was already going bankrupt,” but without those savings Medicare would become insolvent sooner. Furthermore, the ad misleads on the ACA’s taxes and falsely claims that “bureaucrats” will “make health care decisions for you” under the law.

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