Trump Must Withdraw K.T. McFarland’s Nomination

American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden released the following statement in response to reports President Trump’s pick for Ambassador to Singapore, K.T. McFarland, lied in her congressional testimony about her knowledge of Michael Flynn’s illicit contact with Russia during the transition:

“It’s time for President Trump to withdraw K.T. McFarland’s nomination for Ambassador to Singapore. McFarland knew about the true nature of Michael Flynn’s contacts with Russia during the transition and lied about it to Congress. Simply put, she may have known about a potentially treasonous crime and helped cover it up. McFarland has no business whatsoever representing the American people in federal office and her nomination must be withdrawn immediately.”


McFarland Wrote Russia Threw The Election To Trump. “On Dec. 29, a transition adviser to Mr. Trump, K. T. McFarland, wrote in an email to a colleague that sanctions announced hours before by the Obama administration in retaliation for Russian election […]

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American Action Network: “Again”

The American Action Network wants you to know that Rick Nolan stands “for raising taxes and killing jobs” – 700,000 jobs, to be precise. But that number comes from a study that explicitly did not analyze the actual White House proposal for the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. The on-screen claim that Nolan would tax 894,000 small businesses is similarly bogus, as that definition of “small business” includes multi-billion-dollar corporations and both candidates for president. The ad is correct about Nolan’s 1975 votes on gas taxes, but they somehow fail to mention the same bill included tax credits to offset the increase in pump prices.

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American Future Fund: “Security”

American Future Fund suggests President Obama has been negligent on his national security duties, claiming he “skips 50 percent of his national security briefings” and insinuating that he blew off a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he was in New York for the U.N. General Assembly meeting. In reality, President Obama reads his security briefing each day and is regularly updated by intelligence personnel, and while there was never any in-person meeting scheduled with Netanyahu, they did speak on the phone.

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Gaffney Suggests Obama’s National Security Platform Is “Reminiscent Of… A Hitlerian Big Lie”

On the September 10 edition of his radio program, Center for Security Policy president Frank Gaffney said:

The Obama administration is, of course, as we’ve been talking about throughout the program, seeking reelection in part on a platform of its success in national security and foreign affairs. Looking at the piece of the puzzle that you’ve just described, and perhaps more generally your assessment of the conduct of this president as commander-in-chief, is that platform or is that claim to popular support warranted in your judgment? Or is it, this is my word not yours, but is it really reminiscent of kind of a Hitlerian Big Lie?

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Gaffney: ATR’s Norquist Is “Working For A Bunch Of Islamists” And “Fragging His Own Team”

On the August 15 edition of his radio show, Center for Security Policy founder and president Frank Gaffney made the following comments about Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist’s support for cuts to defense spending:

And Grover, obviously, is less concerned about the national security, shall we say. I believe that he’s been working for a bunch of Islamists for a long time, which may further explain what he’s doing here. But at the very minimum he’s got his eye exclusively on the taxes issue. And Jim, I guess what I’m really worried about is, to the extent you have somebody in Republican circles fragging his own team, as Grover Norquist is doing, it can only benefit the opponents and the people who are trying to bring about this train wreck. And maybe that, again, is in the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood – I certainly don’t think it’s in the interests of the United States.

Let Freedom Ring: “Bad Start”

Let Freedom Ring’s minute-long ad attacking the New START nuclear weapons treaty President Obama negotiated with Russia places that group firmly in the small club of ideologues that opposed the treaty when it was ratified by the Senate in 2010. Support for the treaty encompassed nearly the entirety of the American national security establishment – including every living former Secretary of State – and the handful of specific claims about the treaty’s provisions in the ad range from disingenuous to blatantly false.

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