As Trump Travels to Iowa, New Digital Ads Spotlight Trump’s Threat to Social Security and Medicare

Bridge Project Launches Digital Ads in Iowa Ahead of Trump’s Des Moines Rally

With Donald Trump set to campaign in Des Moines tonight, Bridge Project is launching digital ads across the state spotlighting the president’s threat to Iowan’s hard-earned Social Security and Medicare benefits. Last week, Donald Trump dropped a bombshell in Davos — admitting that in an unchecked second term, cuts to Social Security and Medicare would be in his sights — programs which seniors have paid into their entire lives. Any cuts to Social Security and Medicare put a bull’s eye on the backs of Iowa seniors because one in six Iowans are over the age of 65 and rely on earned benefit programs to pay for prescription drugs, heating, and housing.

Digital video ads start running today in Iowa spotlighting Trump’s interview and news coverage of it to slam Trump on his threat to critical programs like Social Security and Medicare. Bridge Project has […]

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Digital Campaign Spotlights Trump’s Threat To Social Security and Medicare

Bridge Project Launches Digital Ads in MI, PA, WI

Just two days after Donald Trump’s Davos confession, during a CNBC interview, that he’s got his sights set on cuts to Medicare and Social Security, Bridge Project is launching an aggressive new digital ad campaign in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin spotlighting Trump’s recent comments – targeted towards supporters of the president most likely to defect.

While Donald Trump’s attacks on seniors and working families are nothing new, now, he is making his intentions abundantly clear and putting Medicare and Social Security on notice.

Digital video ads start running today in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin using Trump’s interview and news coverage of it to slam Trump on his threat to critical programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Bridge Project’s campaign also includes articles on the group’s blog, American Ledger, detailing the danger Trump poses to Medicare and […]

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As Trump Campaigns in New Hampshire, Ad in Union Leader Reminds Residents He Slammed State as “Drug-Infested Den”

With Donald Trump campaigning in Manchester this evening, Bridge Project is welcoming the president with a print ad in today’s edition of New Hampshire’s most widely circulated paper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, reminding residents that the president brazenly mocked the state – calling it “a drug-infested den.”

The print ad also directs readers to Bridge’s digital media site, American Ledger, which currently features an article detailing how the president has outright failed to take meaningful action to address the opioid crisis in New Hampshire.

Trump made the offensive remark in a January 2017 call with the President of Mexico claiming, “I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den.” Trump notably did not win New Hampshire in the 2016 election. His comments were widely rebuked across the state when they came to light in August 2017, after the Washington Post published a transcript of Trump’s call with the President of Mexico.

“New […]

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Bridge Project Launches Effort to Expose Disastrous Local Impact of Trump’s Policies for WI

Promoted Articles Continue Series that Also Focuses on FL, MI, & PA

Today, Bridge Project announced the latest round of posts on the group’s digital media site, American Ledger, with new articles exposing the damage caused by Trump’s disastrous policies for communities in Wisconsin. The articles will be promoted through Facebook advertising targeting each to its pertinent county. Reports on Trump’s negative impact on Kenosha, Marquette, Sauk, and Winnebago counties are included in this newest release.

The promoted posts mark the latest in a five-figure campaign to detail the detrimental effects the Trump administration has had on local communities in Wisconsin as well as Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania (previous rounds of articles have already been launched in the latter two states). The promoted county-level campaign in the four states is an initial step in a major $50 million, “hyper-local,” effort to target Trump’s base in key […]

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Bridge Project Statement on HHS’s License To Discriminate

Dawn Huckelbridge, director of American Bridge’s Women’s Rights Initiative, released the following statement in response to the Donald Trump’s Department of Health and Human Service announcing a new Division on Conscience and Religious Freedom:

“Donald Trump’s administration is handing out permission slips for hospitals and providers to deny individuals, including women and LGBT patients, access to a full range of health services including life saving emergency care. If there is any doubt about how morally repulsive, politically unpopular, and far reaching the consequences of this rule will be, crafting it in secret behind closed doors and without public input says all you need to know.”

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American Bridge calls for investigation after leaked memo proves Trump deliberately raised healthcare costs on families for political purposes

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after a leaked Trump Administration memo proved that Donald Trump intentionally abused his executive authority to undermine the American healthcare system and needlessly raised out-of-pocket healthcare costs in order to help persuade Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

“Donald Trump has been caught red-handed: he drove-up​ healthcare costs on American families in an attempt to end Obamacare,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. “Far from providing less expensive care to ‘everyone’ or fighting to reduce the economic burdens faced by the ‘forgotten men and women’ – as he promised – we now know that Donald Trump made the cost of healthcare soar for untold thousands on purpose. It is imperative that Congress and the HHS inspector general get to the bottom of this damning revelation immediately​.”

According to the Trump Administration’s own data, average premiums for benchmark silver plans on the health insurance marketplaces increased […]

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Bank of America’s chief economist refutes Trump on corporate tax cuts and wages

Today, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s chief economist confirmed that the empty promises Donald Trump and Republicans made about wasteful new tax cuts for corporations “trickling down” to the middle class in the form of higher salaries and wages are untrue, telling the Associated Press, “The bulk of the corporate tax cuts should accrue to people who hold stock in companies…Workers benefit much more from a cut in taxes on ordinary income. In other words, better to get a direct cut than a spillover from cuts to others.”

This comes as evidence mounts that, as Fortune 500 CEOs announced many times over even before the Republican tax plan was passed, and as history demonstrates, companies will use these tax cuts to pay their shareholders more – not to raise wages and salaries for workers.

“Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are struggling as they fight against the […]

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New Report: You’re Fired: How Americans Are Hurting While Trump Bails Out Wall Street, Big Corporations, & Donors This Holiday Season

Donald Trump has showered donors and cronies with tax giveaways, bragged about Wall Street’s record highs, and lauded massive corporate profits throughout his first year in office but has done next to nothing for the “forgotten man” who he pledged to serve throughout the campaign. In response, today American Bridge is releasing a new report that outlines the continued trend of mass layoffs and plant closings in communities across the nation this holiday season, all on Trump’s watch.

The new report is also being packaged and sent to key reporters, columnists, and bloggers across the nation so they can have the information they need to know about Trump’s policies this year, and who is hurting. To read a copy of one of the reports, click here.

“Donald Trump isn’t working for everyday Americans,” said Pat Dennis, American Bridge Trump War Room Research Director. “Trump’s agenda is further rigging the economy for the […]

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Sanders Questions: #SeatJones Edition

President Trump backed a pro-slavery, anti-Semitic, homophobic, anti-Muslim sexual predator- and lost. Now it is time for him to do the right thing and urge his party to seat the elected Senator from Alabama, Democrat Doug Jones. There should be no vote on his tax bill, or any other major legislation, until that happens.

American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden calls on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to answer the following questions:

1. In 2010, President Trump praised Barack Obama for urging the Democratic majority in the Senate to delay voting on Obamacare until Scott Brown was sworn in, which they did. Why won’t Trump do the same now and direct Mitch McConnell delay a vote on the tax bill until Doug Jones is seated?

2. What is the President doing to commemorate the five year anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 first-graders […]

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Six Must-See Moments From The Rosenstein Hearing

Today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before the House Judiciary Committee and faced tough questions from both sides about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia’s attack on our 2016 election. Rosenstein unequivocally stated his support for Mueller and promised to reject orders to fire him without cause. Further, Rosenstein swiftly smacked down the Trump team’s false argument that somehow the President is above the law and therefore cannot obstruct justice.

“Republicans should consider themselves on notice. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein voiced clear support for Special Counsel Mueller’s independent investigation and the indisputable fact that the President is not above the law, and any attempt to suggest otherwise is categorically false,” said American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden. “Republicans on the Committee embarrassed themselves by repeating President Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories aimed at undermining this investigation. Their rhetoric proved once again why Congress […]

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