Digital Campaign Spotlights Trump’s Threat To Social Security and Medicare

Bridge Project Launches Digital Ads in MI, PA, WI

Just two days after Donald Trump’s Davos confession, during a CNBC interview, that he’s got his sights set on cuts to Medicare and Social Security, Bridge Project is launching an aggressive new digital ad campaign in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin spotlighting Trump’s recent comments – targeted towards supporters of the president most likely to defect.

While Donald Trump’s attacks on seniors and working families are nothing new, now, he is making his intentions abundantly clear and putting Medicare and Social Security on notice.

Digital video ads start running today in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin using Trump’s interview and news coverage of it to slam Trump on his threat to critical programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Bridge Project’s campaign also includes articles on the group’s blog, American Ledger, detailing the danger Trump poses to Medicare and Social Security, which will be promoted with paid Facebook posts targeted to the same audiences in each relevant state.

“Donald Trump made it clear this week that he’d put Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block, jeopardizing the livelihoods of countless seniors,” Shripal Shah, Vice President of American Bridge. “This raises the stakes even higher for hard-working Americans, and why we’re going to remind them that Donald Trump’s attacks on these critical, hard-earned benefits are a complete betrayal of the very people he promised to help.”