Ahead of CBO Score, New Bridge Project Video Highlights That Trumpcare Slashes Pre-Existing Condition Coverage 

Before the CBO releases updated projections of the impact that Trumpcare would have on the American people, Bridge Project is launching a new video which highlights that Trumpcare would gut health coverage for pre-existing conditions, listing examples such as cancer, postpartum depression, strokes, and heart disease.

Click HERE To watch Bridge Project’s social video out today, “Trumpcare: What’s Protected?”

“Trumpcare would devastate working families and cripple health coverage for any American with a preexisting condition,” said Bridge Project spokesperson Andrew Bates. “This is a gut-wrenching betrayal of the most fundamental promises that Trump made to the American people during the campaign, and we’re going to make sure the public knows the truth about this bill. Congress ought to respect the will of the country and reject this disastrous bill.”

In order to buy-off the most radical Republicans in Congress, new provisions were added to Trumpcare in April that effectively cripple health coverage […]

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NEW DIGITAL CAMPAIGN: Trump’s ‘Nixonian’ Abuses of Power 

As the lines between Donald Trump and former President Richard Nixon get blurrier by the day, today American Bridge is releasing a new digital campaign that highlights the eerie similarities between the two using their own words. From firing investigators to secret “tapes” and attacking the press, the parallels between the two administrations are striking, rooted in corruption and attempts to obstruct justice.

“Trump’s firing of the FBI director who was investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia was a blatant attempt to obstruct justice,” said American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh. “The President may think he’s above the law, just like Nixon did, but he’s not, and the country is going to hold him and his fellow Republicans accountable for standing in the way of a truly independent investigation of this scandal.”

Watch the video here.

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Following Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, a move that experts have called an unprecedented abuse of power and an obvious attempt to obstruct justice, Bridge Project is releasing a new digital ad highlighting the dangerous Nixonian ways of Donald Trump. The 60-second digital ad highlights how Trump may have created a constitutional crisis, even bigger than Watergate, driven by the fact that the White House under Trump is operating as if they are above the law. The campaign will run on  social media channels over the next week.
“Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey has created a constitutional crisis that is bigger than Watergate,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “This unprecedented abuse of power and attempt to obstruct justice only furthers the need for a truly independent investigation even clearer. The American people deserve accountability, transparency and the truth about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russian hackers […]

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ICYMI – WP (Greg Sargent): Democrats must unmask Trump’s populist scam. Here’s a place to start.

Bridge Project launched a new digital ad campaign today holding Republican members of Congress accountable for supporting Trumpcare, a reckless plan that would kick 26 million Americans off of their health insurance, gut coverage for preexisting conditions, and take $880 billion from Medicaid – all to cut taxes for the rich. The ads will target:

AZ-02 – McSally, Martha
CA-10 – Denham, Jeff
CA-21 – Valadao, David
CA-25 – Knight, Steve
CA-39 – Royce, Ed
CA-45 – Walters, Mimi
CA-48 Rohrabacher, Dana
CA-49 – Issa, Darrell
FL-25 – Diaz-Balart, Mario
FL-26 – Curbelo, Carlos
IA-01 – Blum, Rod
IA-03 – Young, David
IL-06 – Roskam, Peter
IL-13 – Davis, Rodney
IL-14 – Hultgren, Randy
KS-03 – Yoder, Kevin
MI-11 – Trott, Dave
MN-02 – Lewis, Jason
MN-03 – Paulsen, Erik
NE-02 – Bacon, Don
NJ-11 – Frelinghuysen, Rodney
TX-07 – Culberson, John
TX-32 – Sessions, Pete
VA-02 – Taylor, Scott


Washington Post: Democrats must unmask Trump’s populist scam. Here’s a place to start.

By Greg Sargent May 9 at 10:06 AM


Now […]

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New Bridge Project Digital Campaign Exposes Dangers of Trumpcare, Holds Republicans Accountable for Reckless Attack on Americans

Bridge Project is launching a new digital ad campaign today to expose the dangers of Trumpcare and hold Republicans accountable for passing this reckless bill that would cost 26 million Americans their healthcare. The campaign launches as Congress heads home for a week-long recess and will target 24 congressional districts across the country.

To watch the new ad, “Let’s Hold Them Accountable,” click HERE.

“If Trumpcare becomes law it would destroy millions of lives.  It would effectively deny coverage to people who need it, burden families who are already having a hard time making ends meet, and hollow-out Medicaid, all just to cut taxes for the rich,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “This bill represents a disgusting attack on the health and well-being of the country, and Republicans will be held accountable for this reckless plan that could make getting sick a financial death sentence.”

As the ad notes, the disastrous consequences of this bill […]

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Trump Texts: Day 100

American Bridge today released “Trump Texts: Day 100,” a series of digital ads that imagine an early-morning text exchange between Donald Trump and an adviser, as a delusional Trump reflects on his counterfactual “successes” bringing back jobs and uniting the country.

“100 days into Trump’s presidency, U.S. economic growth is at a three-year low. Trump doesn’t have a jobs plan, and he’s spent almost all of his time in office either promoting one of his businesses or plotting to strip millions of Americans of their health insurance,” said American Bridge spokesperson Brad Bainum. “It’s no wonder over half the country thinks President Donald Trump is a disaster — 100 days in, he’s already a failure of historic proportions.”

Watch the full ad, “Trump Texts: Day 100,” here:


Watch the rest of the ads here.

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New ​Bridge Project Ad ​Takes On ​Trumpcare’s Latest Attack on Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

As we close in on the 100th day of the Trump Administration, a new Bridge Project digital ad highlights Donald Trump’s latest cynical attempt to force Trumpcare through Congress – only this time with changes that would make it even more agonizing for American families.  Trumpcare would now give states a backdoor to roll back protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions, which is an assault on every American’s access to health care and would decimate the finances of millions across the country. 

To watch Bridge Project’s new digital ad, “Trumpcare Guts Your Coverage,” click HERE.

“Donald Trump has used his first 100 days to turn his back on all of the people he spent the campaign promising to help. His self-serving agenda puts everyone else last, and Trumpcare’s tax-breaks for the very wealthy are a key example. But evidently it wasn’t devastating enough, as Republicans have now added a gigantic loophole that throws […]

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NEW: Bridge Project Launches Latest Episode in Web Series Highlighting Connections Between Trump and Russia

Episode Four Focuses on Michael Flynn, Will Be Promoted in Key Congressional Districts and Nationally 

Today, Bridge Project is launching a new episode in it’s ongoing web series that outlines the numerous ties between officials in Donald Trump’s inner circle and Russian oligarchs, gangsters, alleged spy-masters, and Vladimir Putin. The episode focuses on disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and will be promoted nationally as well as in the districts of Rep. Martha McSally (AZ-02), Rep. John Katko (NY-24), and Rep. Will Hurd (TX-23) to complement a new American Bridge radio campaign that was launched earlier today.  The new radio ads demand Congressional Republicans join calls for an independent commission investigating Trump’s potential collusion with Russian hackers who tilted the 2016 election in his favor.

Watch the new video here.

The digital product notes that before joining the Trump campaign, Flynn was paid $40,000 to speak and attend […]

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American Bridge Releases Radio Ads on Trump’s Dangerous Ties to Russia

Ads Target Republicans Who Refuse to Support An Independent Investigation

Today, American Bridge 21st Century released radio ads against three vulnerable Republican members of Congress, focusing on Trump’s dangerous ties to Russia.

The 60-second spots will run for the next seven days against Rep. Martha McSally (AZ-02), Rep. John Katko (NY-24), and Rep. Will Hurd (TX-23).

With new revelations in the growing scandal surfacing weekly, the American people deserve the kind of answers that can only come from a truly independent investigation operating free of politics. That’s why Americans overwhelmingly support creating an independent commission to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. But Republicans in Congress are standing in the way, instead putting their party ahead of the country.

Statement by American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“The country overwhelmingly wants an independent commission investigating the growing scandal surrounding Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and we’re going to […]

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New Tax Day Ad Blasts Donald Trump for Selling Out American Families

As millions of American families file their taxes ahead of the annual deadline, a new Bridge Project Tax Day digital ad launched today underlines how Donald Trump’s tax reform agenda would force them to pay more next year.

Trump’s scheme would stick it to working families while providing hundreds of billions of dollars to the wealthiest Americans in new tax breaks,  just like Trumpcare, which would leave 26 million Americans without health insurance in order to fund tax breaks for the rich and health insurance executives.

To watch Bridge Project’s newest ad, “Selling You Out,” click here: LINK

The ad, which will run on social media channels, will be targeted to persuadable Trump voters in key states and districts for 2018, including Sen. Dean Heller, Sen. Jeff Flake, and Rep. Barbara Comstock.

“Donald Trump’s agenda is all about sticking it to working families in order to benefit the wealthiest Americans and his own […]

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