Ahead of CBO Score, New Bridge Project Video Highlights That Trumpcare Slashes Pre-Existing Condition Coverage 

Before the CBO releases updated projections of the impact that Trumpcare would have on the American people, Bridge Project is launching a new video which highlights that Trumpcare would gut health coverage for pre-existing conditions, listing examples such as cancer, postpartum depression, strokes, and heart disease.

Click HERE To watch Bridge Project’s social video out today, “Trumpcare: What’s Protected?”

“Trumpcare would devastate working families and cripple health coverage for any American with a preexisting condition,” said Bridge Project spokesperson Andrew Bates. “This is a gut-wrenching betrayal of the most fundamental promises that Trump made to the American people during the campaign, and we’re going to make sure the public knows the truth about this bill. Congress ought to respect the will of the country and reject this disastrous bill.”

In order to buy-off the most radical Republicans in Congress, new provisions were added to Trumpcare in April that effectively cripple health coverage for Americans suffering from pre-existing condition and force countless families to make unbearable financial decisions. Republicans jammed Trumpcare through the House without even having a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of what their Affordable Care Act replacement would do to people across the country.

The new video will be shared across social media platforms as the CBO prepares to release it’s latest analysis of the legislation. It references some of Trump’s most absurd claims as those “covered” by Trumpcare by contrasting those that would not be to highlight the reckless consequences of the legislation for those who need insurance coverage the most.