Bridge Project Launches New Episode in Web Series Highlighting Connections Between Trump and Russia

Episode Three: Carter Page

Today, Bridge Project is launching the third episode in its new web series that outlines the numerous direct ties between officials in Donald Trump’s inner circle and Russian oligarchs, gangsters, alleged spy-masters, and Vladimir Putin. This week’s episode focuses on Carter Page, Trump’s former foreign policy adviser, who is one of at least 4 former Trump aides under FBI investigation.

This week, a bombshell report revealed that in 2013 Page met with and passed documents to a Russian intelligence officer who our government later charged for working covertly as a spy. While on the Trump campaign, Page traveled to Moscow and secretly met with Russian officials close to Vladimir Putin and then lied about meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in July.

“Carter Page’s deep ties to Russia are a crucial piece of the puzzle as the FBI and Congress investigate whether the Trump campaign has been honest about their relationship with Russian intelligence,” said American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh. “Russia’s potential influence over our president could result in serious national security consequences and every day new information surfaces. The American people deserve the truth about any potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian hackers who tilted the election in Trump’s favor.”

Watch the video here: