Bridge Project Releases Warning Against Latest GOP Attempt to Gut Healthcare

Ad Targets Most Vulnerable Senator Dean Heller
Even though Americans want their leaders focused on job creation, Senate Republicans – including Dean Heller from Nevada – just can’t stop trying to take health care away from millions. A new Trumpcare plan, known as Graham-Cassidy-Heller, would subject countless families to the same devastating consequences of the last 5 failed plans.
To hold Dean Heller accountable for yet again breaking his promise to protect Nevadans’ healthcare, Bridge Project is out with a new digital ad highlighting the pain that the latest bill would inflict. The ad will serve as a model that can be implemented against other Republicans who support the Graham-Cassidy-Heller plan.
“Instead of focusing on the American people’s first priority – creating good-paying, middle class jobs – Donald Trump and Senate Republicans like Dean Heller are pushing yet another Trumpcare bill that would gut the American healthcare system,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Americans have made their voices clear on health care: they want Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress to stop the partisan games and to work with Democrats to strengthen and improve the Affordable Care Act. It’s long past time for Dean Heller, Donald Trump, and their fellow Republicans to stop ignoring the will of the country.”
By backing Graham-Cassidy-Heller, Donald Trump and his allies like Dean Heller have violated their promises to improve health care quality and decrease costs. Just like all the Trumpcare proposals that came before it, Graham-Cassidy-Heller would crush Americans’ finances and lead to medical hardships that the Affordable Care Act protects against. 

Graham-Cassidy-Heller, though, manages to make things even worse: it would gut Medicaid with $2.6 trillion in cuts that would make the program unrecognizable to the Americans who count on it. On top of that, the plan would cripple the Affordable Care Act’s guarantee that insurance plans cover the most basic, essential health benefits, such as hospitalization, pregnancy care, and prescription drugs.   

Every single version of Trumpcare has prioritized tax cuts for the rich while stripping millions of their health insurance, making health care even more expensive, and ending Medicaid as we know it.