Bridge Project to Re-Air Russia Investigation Ads Against Heller and Flake

Following Donald Trump’s reckless firing of FBI Director James Comey, putting the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia in jeopardy, American Bridge is re-airing its ads against Sen. Dean Heller and Sen. Jeff Flake.

The 15-second digital ads condemn Heller and Flake’s refusal to call for a independent commission to investigate Trump and his associates’ ties to Russia. The ads will air on YouTube and other social media over the next week.

Statement by American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“What exactly are Dean Heller and Jeff Flake waiting for? It is long past time for Senator Heller and Senator Flake to support an independent commission to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

“This unprecedented interference by Trump into the FBI’s Russia investigation makes the need for a truly independent investigation even clearer. Republicans like Dean Heller and Jeff Flake who stay silent now are guilty of moral cowardice that imperils our national security. The American people deserve the whole truth about Trump’s ties to Russia — and they will hold politicians who stand in the way of the truth accountable.”

The ads are available below: