Trump Economy Jobs Report: 191,480+ Announced Layoffs

No amount of phony press conferences or twitter tantrums can erase the damage Trump’s chaos, scandals, and ethical clouds are doing to the economy.  Nearly 250 days into his tenure Trump has done nothing to follow through on his campaign promise to begin a large-scale rebuilding of the country’s crumbling infrastructure.

Here is a look at Trump’s time in office by the numbers:

  • 191,486 American workers have received pink slips since Trump took office
  • 126 foreign workers have been requested by Trump Organization businesses
  • 83 days wasted by Trump hanging out at his own properties
  • 17,941 American jobs lost shipped overseas since Trump entered the Oval Office
  • 21,600,000 dollars spent on Trump’s fancy vacation getaways


“From fancy port-a-potys to golf cart rentals the costs for Donald Trump vacations are piling up into the tens of millions with American taxpayers stuck paying the tab,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah.  “Adding injury to insult, nearly two-hundred-thousand Americans have lost their jobs on Trump’s watch and the response from the President has been silence, inaction, and more of the same chaotic dysfunction had has been the cornerstone of his administration.”

A deeper look at the Trump economy state by state:

Announced layoffs in…

Ohio: 9,554

Florida: 8,436

Indiana: 7,554

New Jersey: 6,748

Michigan: 5,410

Georgia: 6,501

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