Rep. Gohmert Thanks “President Barack Hussein Obama” For Helping To “Jump Start A New Ottoman Empire”

From remarks Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) made on the House floor on September 21, 2012, via Right Wing Watch:

GOHMERT: You look, and you, oh my gosh, this is the makings, this is the beginnings, a massive beginning of a new Ottoman Empire that President Obama can take great credit for. Yeah, you know, we’re in great trouble here in America, but you know, look what he has helped do in the Middle East. A new Ottoman Empire. Thank you President Barack Hussein Obama. This will be quite a legacy for you. And I am not one of those who says he’s not a Christian. All I know is – that’s between him and God – but what I do know is he has helped jump start a new Ottoman Empire.

Bauer: “Creator” In Declaration Of Independence “Is Not The God Of The Quran”

From Gary Bauer’s remarks at the 2012 Values Voters Summit on September 14, 2012:

BAUER: The founders put the central idea of our civilization right in the middle of the second paragraph of our Declaration of Independence, where it says, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator–’ Memo to the American Civil Liberties Union and these folks demonstrating outside the hotel, that’s God. ‘–endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ That’s the central idea of who we are. You know for a lot of people on the left, those words are like fingernails on a chalkboard, because, you see, the left is increasingly radically secular. They don’t even believe there’s a God, so how can they accept the words of our Founding Fathers, that that God is the author of our liberty. Ladies and gentlemen, the Creator – the God, the Creator in that paragraph, is not just any god. I say this not meaning to offend anyone, but that is not the God of the Quran. And the reason I feel comfortable saying that is that there’s countries all over the world that have been established on the perception that they are following the teachings of the Quran. And they are not pleasant places to live. They’re not pleasant places to live for women. They’re not pleasant places to live for religious minorities. They’re not pleasant places to live if you want to follow freedom of conscience.

Rep. Cantor: “Traditonal Marriage” Is “More Successful At Allowing For That Pursuit Of Happiness”

At the Values Voters Summit on September 14, 2012, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) stated:

CANTOR: Now, pursuit of happiness. We all know, as do most Americans in their hearts know, that the way for us to allow the pursuit of happiness is through individual effort, it is not through government program. And that is why we believe in traditional marriage. Because marriage, more than any government program ever has or ever will, has lifted up people out of poverty, even those who felt there was no hope. Marriage has proven to be that formula which has been more successful at allowing for that pursuit of happiness and that is why we stand tall and stand proud for traditional marriage.

Gaffney Suggests Obama’s National Security Platform Is “Reminiscent Of… A Hitlerian Big Lie”

On the September 10 edition of his radio program, Center for Security Policy president Frank Gaffney said:

The Obama administration is, of course, as we’ve been talking about throughout the program, seeking reelection in part on a platform of its success in national security and foreign affairs. Looking at the piece of the puzzle that you’ve just described, and perhaps more generally your assessment of the conduct of this president as commander-in-chief, is that platform or is that claim to popular support warranted in your judgment? Or is it, this is my word not yours, but is it really reminiscent of kind of a Hitlerian Big Lie?

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Pat Robertson Tells Man With “Rebellious” Wife: “You Could Become A Muslim And You Could Beat Her”

From the September 10, 2012, edition of The 700 Club, via Right Wing Watch:

TERRY MEEUWSEN (COHOST): This first one comes from Michael who says, “My wife has become a real problem. She has no respect for me as the head of the house. She insults me and she even went as far as stretching her hand to beat me. I’ve lost my self confidence. Her words hurt so much and she refuses to talk through our problems. Please tell me what I can do.”

PAT ROBERTSON (HOST): Well, you could become a Muslim and you could beat her.

MEEUWSEN: But in lieu of that.

ROBERTSON: You don’t want to go to Saudi Arabia?


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Tea Party Express’ Kremer: Obama Doesn’t Love America “The Way That We Do”

From an appearance by Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer on CNN’s Starting Point, hosted by Soledad O’Brien:

NUTTER: What is the basis for questioning the president’s love for this country? How can you say that?

KREMER: I just, I don’t believe that he loves America the way that we do.

NUTTER: Based on what? We who?

KREMER: He is more about one world, I mean more about–

NUTTER: What does that mean?

KREMER: I just explained it to you.

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Heritage’s Rector: Liberals Want To ‘Replace Marriage With A Welfare State Family’

From a September 4, 2012, Bloggers Briefing with the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector:

RECTOR: Okay now as I’ve said, having a child without being married is actually a stronger predictor of childhood poverty than dropping out of high school. Again, not recommending dropping out of high school, but this is a huge deal. And in every state in the United States I can guarantee you that in this at-risk population not once is any young boy or girl ever told, look, if you don’t want your children to be poor, it’s critically important to be married before you have children. Not once. Dead silence. Okay, so we pretty much guarantee this result because we never even offer them the information. If this is where you want to go with the house in the suburbs, these are the choices that you need to make in order to get there. You need to understand that a child that’s born outside marriage is 80 percent more likely to be poor than if you make other choices. And give them that information to empower them to begin to make other choices. Not that that would be a panacea, but as long as we have a gag rule about talking even why people are poor, we would have no chance whatsoever of ever altering this behavior, which is fine with the left because the left does not like marriage in the first place and the left basically has had a plan all along to remove marriage and replace it with a welfare state family, because none of these single-parent families can possibly be self-sufficient. They always require massive amounts of subsidies through the welfare system, not only for food, cash, and housing, for medical care, but also even if the mom is working you have to subsidize her daycare. So you end up basically with moms married to the welfare state, and if you’re a statist, that’s a good deal, okay. Not that you ever exactly set it out to plan that, but when things started falling apart the left has basically said that we’re not going to do anything to correct this situation.

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FRC’s Perkins Compares “Religious Freedom” Issue To Hurricane Isaac

On August 29, the Media Research Center‘s interviewed Family Research Council president Tony Perkins about “religious freedom” and the presidential election:

PERKINS: I see religious freedom as really a swirling storm, not unlike Isaac that’s been out here in the gulf, that, you know, people are feeliing the effects of, they’re seeing it. The Republican Party platform addresses it. Of course, the president can’t really address it because he is the one who’s facilitating it with his mandate, through his health care, we’ve got more companies filing suit against the administration over the health care mandate. So it is a fundamental issue. People understand, while they may not be solely focused on religious freedom, Americans understand our first freedom is a fundamental freedom upon which our other freedoms rest.

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Judson Phillips: Dems Support System That Produces “Tyranny” And “Occasionally Mass Murder”

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips made the following comments during a speech at Unity Rally 2012, on July 26 in Tampa Bay, FL:

That flame of freedom has stood as a beacon for the world. We have given the world hope. This nation has done more good, for more people, than any other nation in the world, and this is the nation that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi want to diminish and destroy. Today, freedom and liberty stand in opposition to socialism. You know the primary products of the system that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi love so well are poverty, tyranny, and occasionally mass murder. These are the fruits of socialism, and to the socialists we have simply one word: No! Friends, we are not going to go quietly into that dark night of socialist tyranny. We are not going to let that lamp of liberty be extinguished by those who believe in government of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites. We will not stand by while they have government of the cronies, by the cronies, and for the cronies. We are free Americans and we shall stay free! [via Right Wing Watch]

MRC’s Bozell: Denying Climate Science Isn’t “Anti-Science”

From an August 23, 2012, interview Media Research Center president Brent Bozell gave on Fox News’ Hannity:

BOZELL: When your – look, here’s the left’s mantra. When your faith comports with a liberal ideology, i.e. a liberation theology, it’s a good thing. When your faith comports with traditional values, it’s a controversial thing. So Ryan is definitely controversial. And here’s something else that’s going on. Anybody who has a belief in God, a faith, according to this left-wing mantra, is anti-science. But what they’re also trying to do is turn anyone who is against their scientific worldview as being anti-science. So if you don’t agree with their position on global warming, you’re anti-science. If you don’t believe in their position on embryonic stem cell research, then you’re anti-science. So that’s the game that they’re playing. I think you can be pro-faith and pro-science at the same time.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): And their morality too on redistribution, notice liberals are generous with other people’s money. You know, will rob the future generations, our kids and grandkids, will steal from their piggy banks, because they thinking it’s the morally right thing to do. I don’t think that’s the moral thing to do. I think we ought to leave them a surplus, not a deficit.

BOZELL: These attacks going to backfire.

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