American Bridge Launches Women’s Health Initiative

Today, American Bridge launched a new women’s health initiative, Protect Women’s Health Care, that combines a world-class opposition research operation, video tracking, and media monitoring to expose the Trump administration for what it is: a clear and present danger for women. Coinciding with the roll out of this new website, American Bridge kicked off a digital advertising campaign to promote select content on Facebook.

The new site can be viewed by clicking here:

“Every day under President Trump brings a new controversy or crisis, but we cannot lose sight of the danger he poses to women amidst all the other chaos,” said director of American Bridge’s women’s health initiative Emily Aden. “This initiative is designed to shut out the noise and hone in on all of the the big and small ways the Trump administration is rolling back decades of progress for women.”

This new website features explainer-style videos to breakdown complicated policies, content to share on social media, ten in-depth policy reports, and much more is to come. Additionally, American Bridge is diving into the records of Trump’s anti-choice nominees at every level of government and sending an unprecedented wave of targeted public records requests to pull back the curtain on policy debates impacting women’s health. Moving forward, Protect Women’s Health Care will be a clearing house for policy reports and original research and shareable content for the public and allied organizations to use to hold President Trump accountable.