House GOP Leader: Final Tax Bill Will Likely Increase Insurance Premiums

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after House Ways & Means Committee Chair Kevin Brady, who was appointed to be the House chair of the conference committee working on taxes last night, indicated that the final Trump-Republican tax plan would likely include repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, which would cost 13 million Americans their healthcare coverage and raise premiums across the board:

“If Republicans add more Obamacare sabotage to their final tax bill – on top of their tax increases for millions of middle class families – people across the country will suffer from double-digit premium increases and lost coverage. Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are falling over themselves to cut taxes for millionaires and corporations at any cost, even if it means trampling the economic well-being of the middle class. Americans won’t stand for this, and they’re going to hold Republicans accountable.”

Since his first week in office, Donald Trump – enabled by Republicans in Congress – has consistently abused his power to sabotage the functioning of Affordable Care Act marketplaces. Throughout the year, polling has shown that the public, including Republicans, knows exactly who to hold responsible for the resulting premium increases and other needless burdens this partisan undermining of existing law is imposing on them.


JOE KERNEN: The House voted for the individual mandate repeal itself. You know, the problem was the Senate. Now that they voted for that, are you going to change that and leave that in?

REP. KEVIN BRADY: Yeah, I believe we will.