American Bridge Policy Brief: 5 Devastating Proposals In President Trump’s Budget 

President Trump’s budget is dangerous for working families and the most vulnerable Americans. A budget is a statement of values, and this proposal’s enormous cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, student loan forgiveness, tax relief for working families, and a program that literally feeds one in five American children – all to fund tax cuts for the rich – would have a devastating impact on our country and economy. Sadly, it’s also par for the course for the Republican party.
  • President Trump’s budget is devastating for working families. The budget slashes $40 billion from the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credits that make a real difference for 31.8 million people, including 13.2 million children. Read more about cuts to Earned Income and Child Tax Credits here.
  • President Trump’s budget is devastating for the most vulnerable in our society. The budget relies on more than a trillion dollars in cuts to Medicaid, and if enacted, fourteen million people could lose their health insurance and put one million elderly Americans in nursing homes at risk. Read more about Medicaid cuts here.
  • President Trump’s budget takes direct aim at the most vulnerable in our society. The budget slashes an unprecedented $200 billion from nutrition assistance programs that are a critical lifeline for millions of Americans, including one in five children. Read more about cuts to SNAP (nutrition assistance) here.
  • Despite President Trump’s campaign promise to not cut Social Security, his budget calls for $72 billion in cuts to the program.  This cut could hurt the nine million Americans who currently rely on Social Security Disability Insurance and already face enormous obstacles to get the care they need. Read more about cuts to Social Security here.
  • President Trump’s budget eliminates a program to help students seeking a career in public service and rural communities across the country are in desperate need of teachers, doctors, and other public servants. Read more about cuts to higher education affordability here.

For more information on how President Trump’s policies are hurting Americans, check out the Trump Accountability Project: