Four More Times Trump Made Rude Comments About Native Americans

Donald Trump’s despicable joke at the World War Two Navajo Code Talkers events was sadly not his first crude comment about Native Americans:


Trump Continued To Call Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” After A Native American Reporter Called It Offensive: “Is It Offensive? You Tell Me.” [Donald Trump, Press Conference, Bismarck, ND, 5/26/16]

Trump Called Elizabeth Warren “The Indian.” [Donald Trump, Press Conference, Washington, DC, 3/21/16]

Trump Claimed That “Indians Have Gone Wild” On Hillary Clinton’s Remarks About Handling Men Who Get “Off The Reservation.” Donald Trump: The way she talks about I can handle men… Chris Cuomo: You basically did. You said all she’s got is that she’s a woman.Trump: …who get off the reservation. I think it’s a very demeaning statement. Now I won’t even bring up the fact that Indians have gone wild on that statement. You know that, OK. The Indians have said that that statement is a disastrous statement and they want a retraction. I’m not going to get into that but that… Cuomo: Well, you just did get into it. I had not really heard that. Trump: I’m not bringing that up. I’m saying that has been big league.” [“New Day,” CNN, 5/2/16]

Trump Complained About Native Americans: “They Want Aid For Education, All This Aid. As Far As Taxes They Say We Aren’t Going To Pay Any.” “[Casino business] has been very competitive. I did very well with is; took them public, highly levered, sort of sold them. So much competition. Indian casinos all over the place; someone ought to look into getting some tax from them. They call themselves sovereign lands, no cigarette taxes no nothing. They say to the federal government, ‘Build a highway right to our reservation but we’re not going to pay for it.’ They want aid for education, all this aid. As far as taxes they say we aren’t going to pay any. They’re making a fortune. They’ve hurt and or destroyed the casino industry. Lobbyists, many of them aren’t Indians, have done an amazing job. I had famous statement they don’t look like Indians to me and they put it on 60 Minutes. They said in Congress, ‘How dare you say that?’ and I’m in a room full of people that look like you, Steve. They maybe have less Indian blood than we do.” [Intelligent Investing with Steve Forbes, 8/8/11]