Sanders Questions: Screw The Mooch Edition

“Tired of all the winning, yet? President Trump promised to hire the best people but all we’ve gotten from this White House is a string of failures. Anthony Scaramucci is just the latest casualty. The White House is a disaster from top down and anyone who thinks that John Kelly can right this ship is delusional.” –American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden 
Here are some key questions for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who will certainly have her hands full this afternoon: 

1. With all of the shakeups at the White House, do you expect you’ll still have a job tomorrow

2. What does President Trump have to say to those who will suffer from higher premiums if he follows through with this threat to end Obamacare payments? 
3. What is the Trump administration going to do to other than threaten China on Twitter to address the growing threat of a nuclear North Korea? 
4. After Trump’s “tax cuts for millionaires disguised as health care” plan failed, will the White House learn from its mistakes and stop pushing more tax cuts for the rich in the name of tax reform? 
5. Since President Trump took office more than 145,000 Americans have gotten pink slips. What is he going to do to help them during American Dreams week?